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"3m Vet Wrap Tape"
Offers Elastic Bandage Sticks Only To Itself Not To Hair Or Skin. Eliminates The Need For Pins, Clips And Adhesive Tape.

"Adco, Inc."

Manufacturer Of All Sizes And Colors Of Glue Sticks .

"Adhesive Products Inc."

Offers All Types And Sizes Of Glue Sticks , And Other Glue Products .

"Adhesive Technologies, Inc."

Providing Better Adhesive Solutions Through Innovative Products And Systems. As The World`S Largest Manufacturer Of Glue Guns, Glue Sticks And Other Adhesive Products, Adhesive Technologies Is Ready With Your Next Adhesive Solution

"Aiven Stationery"

Offers Glue Sticks, Glues, And Plastic Adhesives.

"All Star Bingo"

Full Line Distributor Of Bingo Paper Equipment , Glues Sticks , Monitors , And Other Accessories .

"Amercian Chemicals Inc."

Glue Sticks For Packaging, Wood Working And Potting. Formulas Include Eva, Polyamide, Polyester, And Flame Retardant. Other Types Include Prressure Sensitive, Fugitive, Food Packaging Fda & Usda Approved, Clear, Hi-Low Melt And Glitter Sticks.

"American Trim & Upholstery Supply Catalog"

"Offers Hot Glue Gun & Sticks , Box Of 60 - 2"" Glue Sticks Or A Box Of 30 - 4"" Glue Sticks , Etc .,"


Offers Special Features Including Color Disappearing Glue Stick And Removable Glue Stick .

"Ampco Manufacturing Company"

Offer A Large Selection Of Glue Sticks In Different Sizes To Meet All Your Needs.

"Anchor Industrial Adhesives, Inc."

Manufacture More Glue Sticks And More Shapes And Dimensions Of Glue Sticks Than Any Other Company In The World, Shipping Glue Sticks To Over 40 Countries Around The Globe .

"Art And Craft Supplies"

Glue Guns And Glue Sticks ,Glue Sticks,Hook N Loop Fasteners And Tapes ,Glue, Krazy Glue Are All Avaliable Here.

"Atlantic Supply Company"

Online Store Which Offers All Kinds Of Glues And Glue Sticks .

"Atrim Inc"

Offers Ace Staplers, Adhesives, Air Staplers, Air Tools, Arm Rest Handles, Auto Carpet, Molded Carpet, Door Panel Clips, Rubber Bumpers, Auto Door Hardware.

"Boleks Craft Supplys, Inc."

"Offers Dual-Temp Hot Melt Glue Sticks And Our Hot Glue Sticks Will Work In Any Glue Gun That Uses 1/2"" Round Glue Sticks ."

"Bow Tape Co Ltd"

Offers Bow, Bow Tape, Tape, Double Coated Tape, Double Face Tape, Double Side Coated Tape, Adhesive, Adhesion, Viscosity.

"Cape Cod Crafters"

Offers Tips, Tricks, Crafts, Home Decor, New England, Crafter, Gifts, Presents, Crafters Workshop, Inside Information, How-To, Hand-Made, Fabricate, Fabric, Halloween, Scarecrow, Christmas, Easter, Catalog, Giving, Angels, Potpourri, Pumpkin, Santa.

"Chembond Adhesives, Inc."

Hm101and Hm101 Glue Sticks Were Developed For Use In A Variety Of Applications Such As Floral Displays, Leather Work And Paper To Paper.

"Chicago Glue Machine & Supply Company"

Makers Of High Quality Glue Sticks, Glue Dots And Applicators Glue Machineglue Machineglue Machinelabelhome Page In An Effort To Better Serve Our Glue Machine Chicago Glue Machine Has Been Designated .

"Chicago Glue Machine & Supply Company Inc"

We Offer A Large Selection Of Glue Sticks To Meet All Your Needs We Can Also Provide Custom Made Glue Sticks To Meet Your Every Need, And We Can Custom Extrude Your Adhesives. We Also Have A Large Line Of Manual And Automatic Glue Stick Applicators.

"Chicago Glue Machine Supply Co. Inc."

Offers Hot Melt Glue Sticks , Chicago Glue Machine Sells Adhesives .

"Circuit Specialists Inc."

Offers Spare Glue Sticks And Glue Guns .

"Ck Products"

Offers 7/16² 10² Clear Glue Sticks , 5/16² 6² Clear Glue Sticks , Oval 10² Low Temp Glue Sticks , Glue Guns , Etc .,


Offers Adhesive Glue Hot Stick Arrap10 And Adhesive Glue Hot Stick Wey9041-10 .

"Co-Flex Inc"

A Cohesive Elastic Bandage That Offers Many Advantages. Sticks Only To Itself Not To Hair Or Skin. Eliminates The Need For Pins, Clips And Adhesive Tape, Allows Skin To Breath.

"Coomers, Inc."

Makers Of Top Glue Guns And Glue Sticks Adhesive Technologies .

"Covert Company"

Offers Adhesive, Glue, Adhesive Applicators, Mounting Equipment, Hot Melt, Dextrin Glue,Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Skid-Lock, Skidlock, Palletizing Adhesive, Unitizing System, Glue Dot, Glue Spot,Etc .,

"Covert Company Inc"

Offers Label Gluers, Adhesive, Glue, Adhesive Applicators, Mounting Equipment, Hot Melt, Dextrin Glue,Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Skid-Lock, Skidlock, Palletizing Adhesive, Unitizing System, Glue Dot, Glue Spot, Hot Dot, Cohesive, Covert, Mattress.

"Craft Supplies By Art Cove"

Offers Dozen Large Glue Sticks , Pkg Gold Mini Glue Sticks 12 Pcs, Pkg Green Mini Glue Sticks 12 Pcs, Pkg Multi Mini Glue Sticks 12 Pcs , Etc .,


Online Store Offering High-Temp Standard Glue Sticks , Low-Temp Magic Melt Glue Sticks , Multi-Temp Standard Glue Sticks , Etc .,

"Division Sales"

Offers Online Stores For Hot Melt Glue Sticks , Hot Melt Glue Sticks 5/16 In.Diameter , Hot Melt Glue Sticks 1/2 In. Diameter , Etc .,

"Dong Duck Co.,Ltd."

Offers Hot Melt Glue Sticks , Hot Melt Glue For Packaging And Special Use ,Hot Melt Glue Gun ,


Offers Hot-Melt Glue Sticks In Different Sizes .

"Electronix Express"

Offers Glue Sticks And Glue Guns .

"Enterprise Art"

Offers Low Temp Glue Sticks Which Melt At A Lower Temprature And Are Specially Shaped So They Only Fit The Magic Melt Glue Gun .

"Etoys, Inc."

Offers Glue Sticks Which Are Handy, No-Mess Alternative To Liquid Glue And Works On Paper, Cardboard, Fabric, Etc .,


Manufactures Of Liquid Glue Or Glue Stick - No Smearing, No Soaking Through, Delayed Adhesion Effect, Water-Soluble, Can Be Washed Off If Not Dry.

"Everstrong Stationery Company"

Offers General Office Stationery Including Glue Sticks, Sticker Signs, Card Stand, And More.


Offers Glitter Gluesticks , Fabric Gluesticks , Wood Gluesticks , Floral Gluesticks And Glow In The Dark Gluesticks

"Fetpak Inc"

Offers Glue Gun And Sticks, Jewelry & Counter, Displays - Packaging, Shipping, Mailing, Tagging & Labeling Supplies - Boxes, Bags, Gift Boxes, Gift Bags, Apparelboxes, Cardboard Boxes.


Professional Manufacture & Exporter Of Hot Melt Glue And Provide A Wide Range Of Glue Sticks & Pellets For Various Applications.

"Glue Guns Power Fast"

The Modern Alternative To Liquid Glue, Ideal For Home Repairs, Crafts And Hobbies, A Model For Every Need Trigger Feed For Even Glue Application, Bonds Within 60 Seconds, High Impact Plastic Housing,

"Glue Products"

High Quality Clear Glue In A Handy , Top Quality Clear Paper Glue. For Use On Paper, Card, Cellophane, Etc.

"Haitian Inc."

Offers All Types And Sizes Of Glue Stick Series .

"Home And Garden"

Glue Sticks For Wood Small Which Is Used In Hot Melt Glue Guns And Provides An Easy To Apply Long Lasting Bond For Wood.

"Hot Melt City"

Offers Glue Guns, Glue Sticks, Hot Wheel Coaters And Benchmounts .

"Hotstik .Com"

Offers Hot Melt Glue Stick Sizes To Fit Most Competitive Hot Melt Guns Including 3m, Dexter-Hysol, Adtech, Crafty, Bostik, Etc.

"Kaida Stationery Co."

Produce And Export Glue Sticks, Lique Glue, Glue Pen And Other Stationery, Office Supplies.

"Kama Pigments"

Offers Raw Artist Materials, Including Dry Pigments, Binders, Resins, Waxes, Oils, Glues, Solvents, Graphite Sticks, Oilsticks, And Extra-Greasy Oil Pastels.


Offers Removable Glue Sticks , Permanent Glue Sticks , Disappearing Color Glue Sticks , Crayola Glue Stick , Etc .,

"Kre Limted"

Manufacturer Of Writing Instruments, Glue Stick, And Computer Refill Inks.

"L & D Adhesives Inc"

Is A Michigan Based Adhesives Distributor Providing Adhesive Solutions To Manufactures. With 25 Years Of Adhesive Application Experience, We Not Only Can Provide The Adhesive, But The Adhesive That Fits Your Manufacturing Process.

"London Power Tools & Fixings"

Offers Glue Sticks For Gkp 200ce, Pkp 18e, Pkp 20e , Glue Sticks For Pkp 12e , Which Can Be Used In Plastics , Wood , Etc .,

"Master Distributors"

"The Modern Alternative To Liquid Glue And Standard _"" Diameter Glue Sticks Are Used In Corded Tools ."

"Mini Lab Supply Store"

Offers Small And Large Glue Sticks .

"Monk Office Supply Ltd."

Offers Adhesives/Glue - Glue Sticks , Pens , Guns And Other Accessories .

"Ningbo Aiven Stationery Co., Ltd."

Offers All Types Of Adhesives Products Including Glue , Glue Sticks And Plastic Adhesives .

"Office Essentials"

Offers Adhesive Tape, Packaging Tape, Glue Sticks, Paperclips, Post Its, Rubber.

"Office World Inc .,"

Offers Online Disappearing Color Glue Sticks , Restickable Glue Stick , Permanent Glue Sticks , Removable Glue Sticks , Etc .,

"One To One Office Solutions Ltd."

Offers Glue Sticks In 3 Handy Sizes - Standard X 10 , Medium X 10 , Large X 10 And Also Offers Other Office Accessories .

"Osmer Stationery Products"

Offers 6 Gram Fueki Glue Sticks And Other Glue Products

"Paper Mart"

Offers Glue Stic® - Permanent , Scissors , Contoured Scissors , Cut File Folders , And Other Office Miscelleneous .

"Paper Trials"

Our Standard Cold 9 Temp Adhesive Is Permanent In Your Freezers And Walk-In Coolers. This Adhesive Sticks To Most Frozen And/Or Wet Surfaces. Also Applies Well To Glass, Stainless Steel, Hdpe, Pvc, Lexan, Pet And Many Other Surfaces.

"Polishers & Jewelers Supply Corp."

Provides Information On Adhesives, Emery Sticks, Mini Abrasives, And Many More


Offers Sticks With Hp Colorfast Adhesive Vinyl. This Presentation- Quality Vinyl Has Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive That Sticks Where You Want It, For As Long As You Need It, Without Cracking Or Peeling.

"Rk Systems Inc"

Sales And Service Of Quality Hot Melt Adhesive - Bulk & Stick & Liquid Glue .

"Rtom, Inc"

The Self-Adhesive Gel Sticks To The Surface Of Drums, Cymbals, And Most Percussion Instruments.

"Santas Supply"

Offers Hot Glue Guns, Pots , Glue Sticks , Hot Glue Sticks , Cordless Glue Guns , Hot Glue Guns , Etc .,

"Santa`S Supply"

Offers Cordless Glue Gun, Trigger-Fed Glue Gun, Hot Glue Guns, Pots & Glue

"Scrapbooking Online"

Offers Adhesives: Glue Sticks And Markers, Double-Sided Photo Tape , And Many More.

"Stag Enterprise, Inc."

Offers A Variety Of Glue Sticks, Including 3m Brand Glue Sticks .


Production And Sale Of Hot-Melt Adhesives And Vynilics Glue And Relatives Appliances.

"Surplus For Less"

Offers Glue Sticks Used For Electric Glue Guns .

"The Brighter Company"

Supplying Quality Tools And Hardwares, Also Supplied Computer Printing Supplies, Electric Appliances, Heat Sealing,Hot Melt Glue Gun,Glue Stick,Soldering Iron, Etc .,

"The Chicago Glue & Supply Co., Inc"

Offers A Large Selection Of Glue Sticks To Meet All Your Needs And Also Provide Custom Made Glue Sticks To Meet Your Every Need .

"The Conros Group"

One Of The Worlds Fastest Glue Stick Production Lines. Total Capacity To Exceed 100 Million Per Annumin The Glue Business For Over 55 Years

"The Gluefast Company, Inc."

Products Include All Types Of Glues And Adhesives Products Including Glue Sticks And Glue Guns .

"Uniplastic Industrial Division"

Offers Packaged Clear Glue Sticks, Packaged Glitter Glue Sticks , Neon Glue Sticks , Uni-Melt Low Melt Adhesives And Glue Sticks , Uni-Melt High Melt Adhesives And Glue Sticks , Etc .,

"Universal Supply Co."

Supplier Of Adhesive, Mounting Pads,Glue Sticks , Threaded Studs, Rivets, Double Stick Tapes, Toggle Switches And More.

"Wes Adhesives"

They Produce Different Kinds Of Glue Sticks With Different Viscosity And Tempertature Resistance And Aslo For Different Uses.


So I Make `Instant` Foam Brushes By Sticking Pieces Of Self-Adhesive Foam Weatherstripping On Sticks Made From Scrap Pieces Of Wood.

"Xlent Equipment Llc"

Offers Flex Guns, High Quality Clear Pvc Hose, Pistol Grip Texture Guns, Compressors, Clean Out Kits.

"Yamato Co.,Ltd."

Offers All Types Of Glue Stick Series Which Can Be Applied To Paper, Picture, Cloth, Etc. With Neatness.

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