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"Wood Floor Installation Methods"
Elastilon Underlay Membrane solves the issue of wood floor installation methods by reducing a traditionally complex installation to an easy, clean 3-step peel-and-stick process.

"3 Sigma Llc"

Manufactures Hot Melt And Emulsion Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Coated Products.

"3m Canada: Bonding Solutions"

Manufacturer Of Adhesives, Tapes, And Reclosable Fasteners If You Need To Bond Surfaces Together, 3m Has The Experience, Expertise And Range Of Adhesives, Tapes, And Reclosable Fasteners To Help You Find A Solution Matched To Your Performance Require

"A&N Products"

Specialists In The Manufacture Of Cast Polypropylene Bags And Adhesive Labels

"A+Plus Hobbies, Inc."

Hobby Glues, Cleaners, Adhesives, And More At Huge Discounts

"A.B.E. Construction Chemicals (Pty) Ltd"

Adhesives, Coatings, Concrete Repair, Grout, Industrial Flooring, Sealants And Waterproofing.

"A.L.C. Adhesives Line Chemicals"

Supplier And There Manufactures Of The A.L.C.Adhesives Line Chemicals Tecnologie Adesive Etc.

"A1 Adhesive Labels"

Stick On Adhesive Stationery Supplies, Labels Printed To Your Own Specification With Secure Online Ordering Labels, Stationery, Sticky Labels, Adhesive, Selfadhesive, Self Adhesive, Gum, Stick On, Business, Printed, Gummed Labels, Address Labels,

"Aabbitt Adhesives"

Manufacturers Of Adhesives Products

"Abbey Color."

Manufacture A Wide Spectrum Of Highly Specialized Colorants, Dyes, Adhesives, And Sealants That Meet Exacting Customer Requirements. Their Materials Serve Applications Ranging From The Healing Practices, To Industrial Repair And Maintenance.

"Able Industrial Products Inc"

Offers All Types Of Aerosol Adhesives. Based On 3m Pioneering Technology, These Aerosol Adhesives Are Precisely Formulated For Industrial Performance Requirements.


Is The Worldwide Industry Leader In Die Attach Adhesives. Ablestik Manufactures Electrically And Thermally Conductive Paste, Film And Tape Adhesives Used In Semiconductor And Microelectronics Assembly

"Ablestik Laboratories"

Ablestik Laboratories, Based In California, Is The Worldwide Industry Leader In Die Attach Adhesives. Ablestik Manufactures Electrically And Thermally Conductive Paste, Film And Tape Adhesives Used In Semiconductor And Microelectronics Assembly.


Auto Body Supply Company, Offering Clips, Fasteners, Adhesives, Screws, Sanders, And Sprayguns. Online Catalog

"Absolute Adhesives, Inc."

Manufacturers Of Quality Adhesive Products For All Of Your Floor Covering Needs.


Distributor Of Vegetable-Based Oleochemicals, Adhesives, Industrial Surfactants, Concrete Chemicals, And More.


Action Tapes Specialises In The Supply Of Technically Based Self Adhesive Products To Manufacturing Industry. With A Broad Range Of Raw Materials Available Backed Up By An Ever Expanding Converting Facility, We Plan To Provide Our Customers.

"Acutek International"

Specializes In The Design And Production Of Custom Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Components. Manufacturing Processes Include Flexographic Printing, Precision Rotary Die-Cutting, Multi-Layered Laminating, And Zoned Adhesive Systems.

"Adco (Uk) Limited"

Offer A Range Of Technically Advanced Adhesives. Adco Has Its Own Range Of Products But Also Offer The Full Range Of Specialist Adhesives And Sealants From International Manufacturers.

"Adco, Inc."

Selling Hot Melting Glues, Doll Pellets And Adhesives, Adco Supplies Materials For Arts And Crafts Projects And Provides A Catalog With Descriptions.

"Adelaide Epoxy"

Suppliers Of Epoxy Applications For Industry. Index Of Adhesives, Aviation, Laminating, Electrical, Casting And Moulding, Pattern Making, Coatings And Tooling Boards.


Producers Of Fast Setting, High Performance Thermoplastic Adhesives Bond Wood, Plastic, Foam, Fabric, Rubber, Metal, Corrugated Carton Flaps, Etc.

"Adhere Distributors"

Quality Adhesive, Sealant, And Tape Products Combined With Superior Service... Are Hallmarks Of Adhere Distributors And Consultants. Everyday, Adhere Distributors Assists Design And Manufacturing Engineers To Meet The Challenges Of Delivering Superi

"Adhesive & Vasoline"

Manufacturing High Tech Adhesives And Adhesive Applicators And Spensing Equipment, Anaerobic / U.V. Cure, Porosity, Pipe , Flange Sealants, Cyanoacrylate, Structural, Epoxy, Silicones, Thread Locking, Retaining, Gasket Replacer, Rust Eliminator

"Adhesive Engineering & Supply, Inc."

Distributes All Major Brands Of Oem And Maintenance Adhesives Or Their Equivalents Including Dymax Ultraviolet Cure, Devcon, Sovereign Chemical (Formerly Bfgoodrich), Tra-Con, Bipax Epoxies,

"Adhesive Films, Inc."

Heat Activated Dry Thermoplastic Adhesive Films, Coatings And Waterproof Seam Tape. Our Products Require No Special Venting And Are Solvent Free, Non-Toxic And Environmentally Friendly.

"Adhesive Prepregs For Composite Manufacturers"

Manufacturer Of Epoxy, Including Low Viscosity, Woven, Unidirectional And Film Adhesive

"Adhesive Specialities"

Adhesive Specialities Has Grown To Become One Of The Major Self-Adhesive Tape Companies In The United Kingdom. Our Brand Name Tickitape Is Known Throughout British Industry And Can Be Relied Upon.

"Adhesive Specialities Ltd"

Since The Commencement Of Its Operations In 1972, Adhesive Specialities Has Grown To Become One Of The Major Self-Adhesive Tape Companies In The United Kingdom. Our Brand Name Tickitape Is Known Throughout British Industry As A Quality Brand Whose

"Adhesive Systems Technology"

Maker Of Machinery That Mixes And Dispenses Materials Such As Acrylic, Silicone, Epoxy, Polysulphide And Urethane.

"Adhesive Systems Technology Ltd"

Ast Equipment Is Capable Of Handling Abrasive And Non-Abrasive Materials With Viscosities Up To 2,000,000 Cps.

"Adhesive Technologies, Inc."

Worlds Largest Manufacturer Of Glue Guns, Glue Sticks And Other Adhesive Products,

"Adhesive World"

Wide Range Of Adhesives And Adhesive Dispensing Equipment For Bonding, Sealing, Potting, Encapsulating, Packaging And Carton Closing Using Hot Melts, Epoxies, Methacrylates, Cyanocrylates, Sealants And Uv Adhesives

"Adhesives / Epoxy and glues for craft and workshop from Gluelines."

We stock Devcon, Titebond, Milliput, Vitalbond cyanoacrylate, UHU, Weldbond and Zap together with a wide range of adhesives, glues and sealants.

"Adhesives And Sealants Ltd."

Is The Uks Largest Manufacturer Of Mdi Polyurethane One Component (Moisture Curing) And Two Component Adhesives.

"Adhesives Direct Uk Ltd"

Adhesives Direct Are Predominantly Manufacturers Of Water Based Adhesive Systems With An Ongoing Technical Development Programme Keeping It At The Leading Edge Of Todays Specialist Requirements In A Wide Field Of Applications.

"Adhesives International Ltd"

Design And Implementation By Ebd Internet Adhesives International Ltd Was Founded In 1979 To Undertake The Marketing And Distribution Of Hot Melt Adhesives Principally To The Packaging

"Adhesives Line Chemicals"

Production And Resale Of Adhesives And More.

"Adhesives Plus, Inc.,"

Adhesives Technologies Offers A Wide Variety Of Stick Adhesives And Equipment. The Adhesive And Gun Applications Range From Electronics To Industrial Product Assembly.

"Adhesives Research, Inc."

Product Developer And Manufacturer Of World-Class, High Technology, Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tapes And Systems

"Adhesives Tape Ranges"

Distributors And Converters Of Leading Industrial Technical Adhesive Tapes

"Adhesivesmart, Inc."

The Adhesives Matchmaker For Industrythe Largest Industrial Adhesives Database On The Web International Links To Adhesives And Related Chemical Manufacturers And Associations.

"Adheso Graphics, Inc"

Distributor/Manufacturer Of Double Coated Pressure Sensitiver Adhesive Tapes For Flexo, Rotary Letterpress And Offset Printing.

"Advanced Adhesive Technology, Inc."

Todays Adhesive Products Have To Be Safe For The Environment And Perform. Aat Adhesives Do Both Reliably And Consistently.

"Advanced Adhesive Technology, Inc."

An Industry Leader Since 1986, Aat Practices A Simple Business Philosophy. Develop And Manufacture The Best Adhesive Products, And Back Them With The Best Service And Technical Support In The Industry.

"Advanced Polymers Internationals"

Advanced Polymers Internationals Gel-Tac Adhesives Are Used To Manufacture A Variety Of Products Such As Tapes, Labels, Photo Albums, Wallpaper And Direct Mailers.

"Ae Yale Enterprises"

A Dhesives, Silicone, Epoxy, Tape, Moldmaking, Glue, Loctite, 3m, Dow Corning, Rubber, Cyanoacrylate, Resin, Resins,Foam, Tapes, Double Sided, Polycon

"Al-Nazeer Nippon Chemicals"

The Miracle Bond - Elfy Super Glue Is A Miracle Adhesive.Performs Hundreds Of Household And Industrial Jobd In Seconds.It Id Transparent And Requires No Mixing Or Heating.

"Alca Tools Ltd."

Offers Hand And Power Engineering Tools And Workshop Consumables, Including Cutting And Milling Inserts, Drills, And Taps, As Well As Handcleaners, Abrasives, And Adhesives.

"Alfas Industries Limited"

From Our Purpose-Built Manufacturing Plant In The North Of England, We Manufacture And Supply A Wide Range Of Sealants And Adhesives For Use Throughout Industry.

"Alfas Industries Limited"

From Our Purpose-Built Manufacturing Plant In The North Of England, We Manufacture And Supply A Wide Range Of Sealants And Adhesives For Use Throughout Industry.

"Alpha Metals, Inc."

Solders, Solder Creams, Soldering Chemicals, Advanced Adhesives, And Instrumentation For The Electronics Industry.

"Alteco Chemical Pte Ltd"

One Of Top Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (Better Known As Super Glue) Manufacturers In The World, The Only Company With Production Facilities, Know-How And R&D Capabilities In South East Asia Using Advanced Japanese Technology.

"American Chemical Glueit"

Manufacturers Of Glue: Hot Melts, Cyanoacrylates, Epoxies, Urethanes, Silicones, Water-Based, Spray Adhesives. Also Degreasers And Lubricants.

"Anca Industrial Supplies Limited"

"Ancability"" Sums Up Both The Growth In Turnover And The Management Expertise Of Anca Industrial Supplies Ltd, The Leading Manufacturing, Repair And Operational (Mro) Products Distributor In The Midlands. We Have A Broad Product Range Backed By Major"

"Andover Coated Products"

Andover Coated Products Is The Leader In The Innovation And Manufacture Of Cohesive Flexible Bandages For The Sports Medicine, Healthcare And Animal Health Markets

"Animal Glue And Technical Gelatins"

Traditional, Biodegradable Natural Source Of A Tailor Made Full Product Range For Adhesive Production, Abrasive Paper Manufacture, Electolytic Metal Refining And Flocculation, Paper Production And Sizing, Decorative Plaster Uses, Glass Etching.

"Anper, S.A."

Manufactures Adhesive Tapes And Stretch Film, All Types Of Adhesive Tapes, Including The Sale Of Neutral Sealing, Ecological Kraft Paper, Strapping, Self-Adhesive Sheets, Stretch Film, Etc.


Offers Adhesives, Encapsulants, And Fabricated Specialty Products For Military And Space Applications, Among Other Uses.

"Arrow Industrial Supply Inc."

Arrow Is A Full Service Mro Distributor Of Adhesives, Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts And Screws.

"Art And Craft Supplies,"

Spray Adhesives,Tacky Glue,Art And Photo Maskoid,Hold The Foam Adhesive,Glue, Krazy Glue,Glue Guns And Glue Sticks ,Sealers, Adhesive, Leafing Kit, Cutters Etc Are All Avaliable Here.

"Art Institute"

Makers Of Artist Quality Glitter And Adhesives For Artists, Rubber Stampers, And Scrapbookers.

"Associated Trade And Manufacturing Co,."

Manufacturers Of Powder Adhesives For Paper Converting Industries Like Corrugated Box, Paper Tube, Paper Cone, Gum Tape Mfg, Rondo Packaging Industry.

"Associated Trading & Manufacturing Co."

Manufacturers Of Powder Adhesives For Paper Converting Industries Like Corrugated Box, Paper Tube, Paper Cone, Gum Tape Mfg, Rondo Packaging Industry.


Developer, Producer And Marketer Of Specialty Waxes, Adhesives And Sealants.

"Ato Findley"

Manufacturer Of Industrial Adhesives

"Ato Findley Inc."

Ato Findley Inc. Is The Largest Worldwide Supplier Of Adhesives For Nonwoven Disposable Products. In Fact In The 1960 S Findley Adhesives Pioneered And Developed The First Adhesives Used In These Products

"Avsyntec Pty Ltd"

A Quick Assembly High Bond Strength Unfilled Pva, With Good Gap Filling Properties Used In General Solid Timber Joinery. They Provide Many Kinds Of Adhesives.


Specializes In Four Divisions: Tooling And Prototyping, Composites, Adhesives, And Dialectric Technologies


Marketing Experts, Exclusive Agents, Importers And Distributors Of Quality Fmcg Food And Drinks Sector. Also Detergents, Cosmetics, Household Products And Adhesives, Chemicals And Food Service Equipement, Including Design And Installations.

"Bairnco Corporation"

"High Technology Materials For The Printed Circuit Board Industry, Vinyl Film Systems, Laminates And Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Systems; Replacement Band Saw Blades For Cutting Meat, Fish, Wood, And Metal."

"Basic Adhesives, Inc."

Specializes In Industrial Water-Based And Solvent-Based Adhesives. Most Of Our Products Are Environmentally Friendly And Many Are Approved For Food Packaging Applications

"Beardow & Adams (Adhesives) Limited,"

Beardow Adams Manufacture Hot Melt Adhesives, Which Are Distributed In The Uk And Exported Worldwide. End Uses Are In Packaging, Labelling, Tape And Labels Manufacture, Converting, The Automotive Industry, White Goods, Woodworking, Bookbinding Etc.

"Beiersdorf-Jobst, Inc."

Manufacturer Of The Jobst Brand Of Gradient Compression Stockings, Jobskin Burn Scar Garments, Jobst Plastic Surgery Garments, And Coverlet Adhesive Bandages.

"Bemis Associates Inc."

The Modern Production And Headquarters Facility Pictured, We Have Provided Our Heat Seal Adhesive Films, Coatings And Tapes To A Broad Range Of Industries.

"Bemis Associates Inc."

Manufactures Heat Seal Film Adhesives, Seam Sealing, Automotive Trim, Apparel, Laminating, Seam Tape, Sealants, Sealer, Tapes, Foams, Wood,

"Bharat Enterprises"

Importers, Exporters, Distributors And Traders In Various Adhesives And Chemicals. Based In New Delhi.

"Bhopal Glues & Chemicals P.Ltd."

Is The Oldest The Glue Is Environmentally Safe , 100% Bio-Degradablenon-Flammable, Non-Toxic And Is Produced From Hide Cuttings Which Is A Renewable Source.

"Binder Gmbh"

Specialists In: Kletten Hook- And Loop-Systems, Adhesives Technology And Plastic Technology.

"Bitar Bros Co."

Offers Paints And Thinners, As Well As Glues And Adhesives

"Blacklock Medical Products"

Distributor Of Phototherapy Equipment And Medical Supplies Such As Adhesives And Sutures.

"Boker`S, Inc."

"Producer Of Washers And Spacers; Specializing In Non-Standard Sizes And Some Of The Sticks Of Glues And Other Adhesives."

"Bondine Electronic Adhesives, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Epoxy, Silicone And Polyurethane Adhesives For Electronics, Medical Equipment And Disk Drives.

"Bondline Electronic Adhesives"

Manufactures, Compounds, A­Compliant Medical-Grade Adhesives. The Company Also Packages Commercial And Oem Proprietary Adhesive Formulations To Customer Specifications. Premixed Frozen Adhesives Are Supplied.

"Bondline Electronic Adhesives Inc."

Manufacturer Of Premixed And Film Adhesives. We Produce Custom Formulations As Well As Repackage Commercially Available Materials.

"Bostik Corp"

Manufacturing And Warehousing Operations Throughout The U.S. Are Dedicated To Providing High Quality Adhesive Products And Responsive Service To Both Oem And Distribution Customers.

"Bostik Worldwide"

Manufacturer Of Adhesives, Sealants, Laminates, Lubricants, And Specialty Products For The Construction And Automotive Industries.

"Bow Tape Co -"

Manufacturer Of Coated Tape And Other Adhesive Products.

"Bromley Adhesives"

Specialist Suppliers Of Pur And Pva Adhesives To The Woodworking,Boatbuilding And General Construction Industry.

"Bryte Technologies, Inc."

Prepregger Of Glass, Carbon, Spectra (Uhmwpe) And Other Fibers In Epoxy And Cyanate Ester Resins. Also Supply Adhesives And Foams. Owned By Ten Cate Of The Netherlands.

"Byler Rivet Supply, Inc."

Stocking Distributor Of Huck, Pop, Avdel Cherry, Gesipa, Olympic. Supplies Manus Bond And Other Adhesives For The Truck Trailer Industry. Free Full-Line Catalog Available On Site.

"C.B. Kaymich & Co. Ltd"

A Major International Manufacturer Of Adhesive Application And Fluid Control Systems For Use In The Tobacco Industry.

"C.R. Laurence Company Of North America"

Offers A Complete Line Of Sealants And Adhesives Ranging From General Construction To Insulated Glass To Auto Glass.

"Calder Trade Supplies Ltd"

Ironmongery And Power Tools, Adhesives And Abrasives, Fixings And Hardware Available On-Line For The Trade And Diy. Dewalt And Bosch Power Tool Special Offers Plus Much More.

"Capital Adhesives"

Manufactures And Sells Adhesive Products For Industrial And Printing Uses

"Capital Adhesives"

Capital Adhesives Offers A Broad Line Of Adhesive Products, Including Water-Based-Resin, Dextrin, Latex,Hot Melt-Stick, Slugs, And Bulk, Co-Adhesives Etc.

"Carolina Specialty Adhesives"

Look To Carolina Specialty Adhesives And 3m To Help Make Your Products Stronger, Lighter, Better Looking,Longer Lasting, Less Costly And Easier To Manufacture.

"Cb Kaymich Co. Limite"

Limited Is A Major International Manufacturer Of Adhesive Application And Fluid Control Systems For Use In The Tobacco Industry.

"Cdf Corporation."

Manufactures And Sells Vacuum-Formed, Heat-Sealed, And Blow-Molded Disposable Plastic Liners And Flexible Packaging Such As Plastic Inserts, Liners, Lids, Dust Caps And Covers For Industrial Pails, Drums And Ibcs Used In The Paints, Coatings, Inks.

"Ceripro - Engineering"

Manufactures Of The Adhesives And There Supplier Of The Adhesives As Well As The Glues.

"Cgp Chemicals"

Cgp Chemicals Offer A Wide Range Of Industrial Chemicals In Many Formats To Meet The Demands Of Todays Industry And Commerce.Cgp Chemicals, Aerosols, Release Agents, Tool Protection, Solvents, Lubricants, Foaming Cleaners, Air Duster, Adhesives.

"Chaparral Materials, Inc."

Serving The Albuquerque, Santa Fe And Farmington Areas.The Different Kinds Of Adhesives Avaliable Are Construction & Drywall Adhesive,Acoustical Adhesive.,Frp Adhesive Etc.

"Chapco Adhesive Products Company"

We Manufacture High Quality Adhesives And Specialties For All Of Your Floor Covering Installation Needs. Our Adhesive Products Include Carpet And Multi-Purpose, Ceramic, Resilent, Wood, Cove Base, Specialities, Sealers And Cleaners.

"Chase Corporation"

Manufacture Insulating And Semiconducting Electrical Cable Tape Wrappings And Filling Compounds, Anti-Corrosion Mastics, Adhesives, Reinforced Rubber And Asphalt Tapes And Bridge Deck Corrosion Barrier Membranes

"Chembond Adhesives, Inc"

Full Service Adhesive People For Over 27 Years Specializing In Formulating Custom Adhesives That Assures You A Perfect Bond.

"Chembond Adhesives, Inc."

Ww24 Hv A High Viscosity Waterbase Adhesive Used In Bonding Wood To Wood - Flakeboard To Flakeboard - Medium Density Fiberboard (Mdf) To Mdf. Very Suitable Product For Wood To Wood Edge Gluing And For Product Assembly. Fda Compliant.

"Chemco Systems, Inc."

Chemco Systems Manufactures Epoxy And Polyurea Based Adhesive, Coating, Surface Primer And Control

"Chemence Inc."

Chemence Is A Specialty Chemical Manufacturer And Supplier Of Adhesives, Sealants, Impregnants, Liquid Gasketing, Epoxies, Conductive Materials, Photopolymers And Other Specialty Products. Chemence Was Founded Nearly Twenty Years Ago In London


Manufacturs Of Adhesives Used In Many Industries, And Polymer Solution Coatings Primarily Used Within The Fabric Coating Market. Allied To These Is The Chemisperse Range Of Dispersed Rubber Chemicals And Accelerators

"Chemipat Ltd."

Manufactures Solvent Based Industrial Adhesives, Water Based Adhesives And Coatings For Industry And The Diy Branded And Own-Brand Sectors.

"Chemisol Adhesives P.Ltd"

Specialty Adhesives And Coatings Have Developed An Extensive And Specialized Range Of Construction Chemicals For A Host Of Industrial And Domestic Needs.

"Cherng Tay Plastics Co., Ltd."

Offering Hot Melt Adhesives, Hot Melt Psa, Waterproofing Membrane, Waterproofing Glue, And Primer.

"Chiltern Adhesive Products Ltd"

Deal With Applications In Virtually Every Branch Of Industry Offering A Wide Variety Of Self-Adhesive Tapes, Foams, Sealant And Fastening Systems.

"Choksey Chemicals Pvt. Ltd."

Product Range Includes Sealants, Waterproof Coatings, Water Repellents, Tile Adhesives, Concrete Admixtures, Specialty Coatings, Floor Coatings And Hardeners, And Grouts.

"Clariant International Ltd"

Leading Global Specialty Chemicals Company With More Than 32,000 Employees And Annual Sales Of More Than Chf 10 Billion.

"Classone Orthodontics"

Offers A Complete Range Of Clinical Orthodontic Products Including Firm Arch Wires, Reliance Adhesives, And Steel And Ceramic Brackets.

"Clearco Products Inc,."

The Different Producta Avaliable Here Are Adhesives, Silicones, Coatings, Circuit Board Cleaners And Penetrating Sprays

"Clifton Adhesive, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Solvent Or Water Based Industrial Adhesives And Coatings. Inflatable Fabrication, Textile And Film Converting, Fabric Assembly, Special Applications, Toll And Custom Mixing.

"Collano Ebnother Inc.,"

Collano Is An Independent And Internationally Active Adhesive Manufacturer And Pursues Advanced Technologies.

"Collodin Chemie"

For Adhesives Made The Natural Way, Consider Collodin, Which Uses Products Such As Skim Milk And Rubber Tree Latex In The Process.

"Computype Incorporated"

World Leader In On-Demand Label Printing Systems, Automatic Applicating Systems, Custom Software And Interfaces, As Well As Materials And Adhesives.

"Consolidated Edgings"

Supplier Of Melamine Timber Veneer And Pvc Edging To The Furniture Kitchen And Diy Market. Also Surface Foil And Woodworking Adhesive.

"Contacting Structure Probe, Inc."

They Produce Different Types Of Adhesives Like Duro Gluematic, Duro 5-Minute Etc

"Converter Adhesives Chemicals Ltd."

Manufactures Dry Laminating Adhesives And Primers For Converting Various Substrates Into Flexible Laminates For Packaging Food, Cosmetics, And Pharmaceutical Products

"Converting Biophile Laboratories, Inc"

Offers Industrial And Medical Die Cutting, Printing, Converting, Assembly And Packaging Services. Specializes In Research And Design Of Adhesive Products.

"Converting Biophile Laboratories, Inc."

Converting/Biophile Labs Is The Company To Turn To, No Matter What Your Diecutting, Assembly And Converting Needs Are. While We Specialize In Research And Design Of Adhesive Products, We Also Have Expertise In The Entire Production Process.

"Cortape Incorporated"

Converter Of Industrial Pressure Sensitive Tape Products And Supplier Of Flexible Thermal And Dielectric Materials.

"Cotronics Corporation"

High Temperature Ceramics, Epoxies And Adhesives For Industrial, Electronic And Structural Applications

"Covert Company"

Specializes In Adhesive Application Systems, Both Hot Melt And Cold Adhesive. And There Manufactures Of The Adhesives

"Cox Sales Company"

Solutions Provider Of Structural Adhesives, Epoxy, Sealers, Contact Cements, Coatings, And Glues For Any Industrial, Medical, Packaging, Electronic, And Aerospace Applications.

"Craig Adhesives And Coatings Company"

Manufacturers Of Adhesives, Uv Coatings, Non-Skid Uv Coatings, Instant Lottery Ticket Coatings, And Specialty Coatings


"Provides High Quality Colorants, Biocides, Raw Materials And Additives For Architectural And Industrial Coatings; Intermediates And Fine Chemicals For The Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Photographic, Agricultural And Food Industries"

"Creanova Inc.,"

When Formulators And Manufacturers Want Quality Raw Materials Best Suited For Their Adhesives And Sealants Applications, They Turn To Creanova Inc., A Worldwide Supplier Of Products

"Crispin Adhesives Ltd"

Producer Of Adhesives For The Book Binding, Box Making, Defence, Fabric Coating, Filter, Foam Conversion, Food & Food Packaging, Furniture, Industrial Belting, Leather Goods, Medical, Plastics, Point Of Sale Display, Self-Adhesive Label

"Croda Adhesives"

Croda Adhesives Is One Of The Worlds Leading Suppliers Of Industrial Adhesives, With Manufacturing Locations Throughout Europe And The America.

"Ctech Llc"

Produces Specialty Coatings And Adhesives That Are Instantly Hardened Or Cured With The Application Of Light Or Heat.

"Custom-Pak Adhesives, Inc."

- Industrial Wood Adhesives And Gluing Equipment As Well As Custom Packaging/Filling And Technical Advice.

"Cyberbond Adhesives"

Manufacturer Of High Quality Engineering Adhesives. Specializing In Cyanoacrylates, Anaerobics, Uv-Curable And Polyurethane Adhesives.

"Cyberbond, L.L.C."

Develops High Performance, High Technology Engineering Adhesives For Product Assembly And Other Industrial Manufacturing Operations.

"Cyberzone Inc."

Cyanoacrylate Glues The Strongest In The Industry Used For Bonds Balsa, Plywood, Hardwoods, Abs Plastics, Metals And Rubbers

"Daesung Precision & Ind"

Manufactures Adhesion Machine Series Using Hot Melt Adhesive, Shoes Manufacturing Machines.

"Dap Inc"

Sealants, Paints, Repair Products, Adhesives, Wood Preservatives, And More.

"Darachem Industries Group"

Waterproofing, Adhesive Technologies, Industrial Adhesives, Flash Harry, Diy Waterproofing And Adhesives


Datco Manufactures Hot Melt Glue Roll Applicators Other Application Devices

"Davies Tapes. World"

As Well As Our Own Branded Products, We Convert And Stock Over Four Thousand Products From The World S Leading Manufacturers And Supply Companies In Over Twenty Countries Worldwide.

"De Hazelaar Art Supplies"

Epoxy Resins,Hardeners,Lackers,Pigments,Glues & Adhesives,Glassfibers,Shellack All All Avaliable Here.

"Deccofelt Corporation"

Manufacturer Of Adhesive Coated Tapes.

"Deep South Chemical, Inc."

Casing Tools, Casing Scraper, Riser Brush, Casing Cleaning, Antifoam, Chemical, Chemicals, Chemical Companies, Defoamer, E Rated, Flocculants, Jetting Tool, Oil Field, Oil Field Tools, Oil Field Chemical, Oil Field Chemicals, Production Chemicals

"Deltek Products Inc."

To Provide Our Customers With The Best Possible Tool And Fastener, Glues & Adhesives,Holtmelts Etc For Their Application At A Competitive Price.

"Deval Industries, Inc."

Offers A Wide Variety Of Repair Products To Meet The Needs Of Your Customers. Our Products Meet The Demanding Needs Of Todays Consumer Market With Beautiful Packaging And Superior Product Performance.

"Dexter Adhesive And Coating Systems"

"Film Adhesives And Corrosion-Inhibiting Low Voc Primers For Metal And Composite Bonding; Engine Nacelle Bonding; Honeycomb Applications Such As Control Surfaces, Wing Flaps, Engine Slats, Leading Edges, And Wing-To-Body Fairings."

"Direct Bearings And Power Transmissions Ltd"

Uk Distributors For Bearings, Power Transmission, Fastenings, Plastics, Adhesives, Pulleys, Wheels And Castors. Based In Kent Supplying Bearings, Power Transmission, Castors, Fasteners, Wheels, Plastics, Adhesives, And Lubricants.

"Discount Packaging Supplies, Inc"

Distributor Of Industrial Tapes, Adhesives, Packaging, Static Controls, Hook & Loop Products And Packaging Materials.

"Diversified Chemical Technologies, Inc"

Manufactures And Markets Specialty Chemical Products Such As Adhesives, Coats And Glues For The Aerospace, Automobile And Food Processing Industries.

"Dong Feng International Ltd."

"We Handling Adhesive Raw Materials, Industrial Adhesives; ; Petrochemicals, Fine Chemicals; Plastics, Fiber Intermediates, Pet Chips, Fibers; Film & Packaging Materials; Rubber; Foodstuff & Food Additives & Ingredient & Export Products From China."

"Dongyang Hipol Corp."

Manufacture D/S Tape, Acrylic Foam Tape, Pe Protection Tape, And Special Purpose Adhesive Tapes Such As Aluminum Tape And Silicone Tape.

"Doumar Products, Inc."

Manufactures And Distributes Innovative Problem Solving Products.Un-Du Adhesive Remover, A Non-Abrasive Liquid With An Attached Tool Designed To Quickly Remove Pressure Sensitive Stickers, Labels, Tapes, And Other Adhesives From Virtually Any Surface Without Damage.

"Drytac - Mounting And Laminating Solutions"

Drytac Is Both A Manufacturer And Distributor Of High Quality Adhesives And Laminating Films, Specifically Designed For The Imaging Market.

"Durante & Vivan S.P.A."

Maunfactures Of Abrasives And Adhesives For Woodworking Industries.

"Durasol Drug & Chemical, Inc."

Endslip Not Only Works Well, But That It Is The Most Effective And Comfortable Denture Adhesive Available Today. Endslip Is Recommended By Over 50,000 Dentists, Is Completely Safe And All Natural, And Made In The Usa.

"Dymax Corporation"

World Class Adhesives And Equipment For Assembly - Innovative

"Dyna-Tech Adhesives, Inc."

"Manufacturer Of Environmentally Friendly, Water-Based; Pressure Sensitive Adhesives"

"E P Laboratories Ltd"

Specialising In High Performance Speciality Chemical Products


Offers Adhesives, Die-Cuts, Acid-Free Papers, Scissors, And More.

"Eastern Adhesives"

Offers A Complete Range Of Specialty Tape Products Including Solvent Based, Hot Melt And Adhesive Technologies.

"Easy-Fix Chemicals Industry"

Manufacturer And Supplier Of Waterproofing Products, Joint Compound, Woodfill Products, Plaster Products, Adhesive, Bitumen Compound, Pvc Glue And Many Other Type Of Construction Chemicals

"Elastomeric Specialties, Inc"

.) Manufactures A Complete Line Of Silicone And Fluorosilicone Adhesive For Bonding Of Electronic Assemblies. The Following Characteristics Are General Guidelines Of This Family Of Adhesives.

"Electro-Lite Corporation"

Manufactures Ultraviolet Light Curing Systems As Well As A Complete Line Of Light Curing One-Part Adhesives And Epoxies.

"Elementis Performance Polymers"

Provides Sealers, Adhesives And Coatings For Concrete. Supplies The Adhesives For All The General Purposes.

"Elmers`S Products,Inc,."

It Is Astounding How Many Everyday, Ordinary Household Items Can Be Repaired Or Constructed Using America`S No`1 Instant Adhesive.

"Elmer`S Products Inc"

Manufacturer Of Adhesives, Sealants, And Compounds. Site Includes Product And Project Ideas For Homeowners, Crafters, Woodworkers, Educators And Kids

"Energy Sciences, Inc."

Offers Electron Beam Systems Used In The Converting Industry To Cure Inks, Varnishes, Adhesives, Silicone Release Coatings, And Laminates On Paper, Film, And Foil.

"Engineered Materials Systems, Inc."

A Global Custom Formulator And Manufacturer Of Structural Adhesives, Coatings, Potting, Encapsulating And Thermal Management Compounds.

"Enic Corporation"

Hotmelt Glue Guns And Adhesives From Tecbond. Adhesives For Glueguns, Hotmelts For Glueguns, Gluesticks For Applicators.

"Environmental Technology Inc."

Enviroset 5 & 30 Minute Epoxy Adhesives Is A Fast Setting Adhesive For Bonding Wood, Metal, Glass, Ceramics, Most Plastics, Concrete, Graphite, Etc.

"Environmental Technology Inc.,"

Manufacture Of Epoxies,Epoxy Glues,Resins,Finishes,Decoupage Coatings,Soap Dashpanels,Adhesives,Crystal Sheen,Ultra-Glo,Mold Builder,Embedding,Dough,Glue,Polyester Etc

"Epic Resins, Inc."

Formulates Epoxy And Polyurethane Adhesives And Potting Compounds.

"Epoxies, Etc"

Adhesives, Potting Compounds, And Coatings Are Widely Used In The Electronic, Electrical, Construction, And Decorative Industries.

"Epoxy Industries (Pvt) Limited"

We Are One Of The Leading Manufacturers Of Epoxy Adhesives In South Asia. The Company Has Been In The Market For The Last Three Decades. We Manufacture And Export Various Epoxy Compounds.

"Epoxy Industries Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturers Of Super Glue, Epoxy Glue, Epoxy Adhesives And Pva Glue.

"Epoxy Technology"

"Our Continuing Commitment To Develop Innovative Adhesive And Coating Technology For High-Tech Manufacturers Has Resulted In The Patented Polymer Flip Chip (Pfc&Reg;) Technology, As Well As Numerous New Materials Optimized For Uses In The Industries We Serve."

"Esel Techtra Inc."

Dry Lamination Adhesive For Opp/Cpp, Opp/Leaf Al., Pet/Ldpe, Ldpe/Al., T-Die, Anchor Coating, Opp/Perl Film.


High-Tech Adhesive In Tape Form Originally Designed To Create Water-Sealed, Corrosion-Proof Pipes And Stanchions

"F. Ball And Co. Ltd"

F. Ball And Co. Ltd. Is The Uk S Leading Manufacturer Of Flooring Adhesives And Floor Preparation Products For The Contract

"F.B. Wright"

"Manufacturer Of Adhesives, Belting, Fittings, Lubricants, Sealants, Material Handling Equipment, Hydraulic Hose; Industrial Distributors, General Line"

"Fairway Seals"

Are Main Distributors For The Lockfast Range Of High Technology Adhesives And Sealants. Lockfast Manufacture All Of The Usual Adhesives Including Studlock, Bearing Fit, Hydraulic Sealant, Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Etc.


Today Particular Emphasis Has Been Given To Base Products For Silicon-Finishing And Self Adhesives.

"Fedrigoni Group"

Produces And Distributes Special And Premium Fine Papers, Self-Adhesive And Non-Adhesive Mainly For The Graphic Art Industry.

"Felpro Restech"

Information Source For Embedment (Encapsulation And Potting Compounds, Impregnating Varnishes) And Adhesives For Your Electronic And Electrical Devices.


As The Leading Distributor For And Advance Tapes Limited, And Manufacturer Of Printed Tapes And Labels, Finecal® Has The Resource To Give Expert Advice And Get Those Solutions To You Fast. As An Assurance Of Quality, We Are Accredited To Iso 9001 St

"Fischer Labelling Machines A/S"

Danish Manufacturer Producing A Line Of Hotmelt And Glue Adherring Labelling Systems For A Variety Of Industries .

"Fitz Chem Corporation"

A Progressive Marketing And Technical Sales Organization Which Provides Services And Distributes Specialty Chemical Products To Segments Of Adhesives, Coatings, Ink, Plastics, Rubber And Related Industries.

"Fitzsimmons & Assoc., Inc."

Chemical Analytical Laboratory Providing Services To Industries For Material Id (Polymers, Adhesives, Contaminants, Etc.) And Problem Solving For Their Quality Control.

"Flexco (Nz) Ltd"

Sealants, Adhesives, Coatings & Waterproofing. Safe, Easy To Use Surface Coatings.


Leading Manufacturer Of Pressure-Sensitive, Adhesive-Coated Films For All Types Of Bar Coded Labels, Personal Care And Beverage Labels, Security Labeling, Graphics Applications

"Flexicon Corporation"

Adhesives Manufacturing Center In A Confined Are Led Welland Medical To Select Flexicon As The Main Contractor For Equipping Its New Plant With An Integrated Batch Weighing, Mixing, And Extrusion System.

"Fortafix Limited,"

Manufacturer And Supplier Of Very High Temperature Resistant Adhesives, Sealants, Paints And Cements.

"Fortney Sales Co. Inc."

The Leading Southeast Man. Rep For Industrial Hose, Metal And Wire Belt, Fittings, Sealants, And Adhesives

"Four Pillars Enterprise, Co., Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Adhesive Tapes And Label Stocks

"Franklin International"

Titebond Products Are Ideal For Most Construction, Remodeling And Repair Projects.The Different Products Are Woodworking Glues,Construction Adhesives ,Cabinet Shoe Glues Etc.

"Franklin International"

Is A Privately-Held, Columbus, Ohio-Based Adhesives And Sealants Manufacturer That Has Been Producing High-Performance Products For Over 60 Years.


Mexican Group Of Companies That Produce A Variety Of Chemicals Products Like Synthetic Rubber, Black Carbon, Nutritional Additives,Adhesives, Polystyrene, Acrylic Sheets And Other Products.

"Gleicher Mfg"

Working With The County S Foremost Manufacturers Of Pressure Sensitive Tapes And Fasteners, We Custom Convert Their Standard Products To Exacting Customer Specifications.

"Glotrax Polymers Inc (GPI)"

Manufacturer and supplier of high performance resins and specialty chemicals for a wide range of industries including electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, utilities, composites, signmaking, general manufacturing and more.


Manufacture Of A Machine That Glues, Folds, And Perforates To Make A Self-Mailer, Good For Paychecks, Invoices, And Direct Mail.

"Gorilla Glue"

The Finest Glue Available For Bonding Wood, Stone, Metal, Ceramics, Plastics, And More.

"Grand Rapids Rubber Products Company"

Providing All Your Rubber, Adhesive, Plastic, Maintenance And Safety Product Needs, Including Custom In-House Die-Cutting.

"Graphic Vision, Inc."

They Are Manufactures Of Various Kinds Of Glues And Adhesives For Various Industries Mainly Wood But Bonds Well To Many Plastics And Metals.

"Great Lakes Aero Products, Inc"

Plastic And Emblem Adhesive ,Standard Thickness Gray Felt Tape .Foam Tape Seals Etc Are Avaliable Here.

"Greco Manufacturing"

Manufactures Vacuum Laminating Presses And Adhesive Applicators For Woodworking, Thermofoil Cabinet Doors, Store Fixtures And Furniture.

"Grupo Girsa,"

Manufactures Of Adhesives Which Is Used For Home, School And Office, For The Shoewear, Furniture, Craft, Paper And Packaging, Construction And Automotive Industries.

"Guangzhou Wang Cheong Adhesive Product Factory Camat"

Producer And The Manufacture Of The Adhesives Tapes To Most Of Places With Best Quality In Them.

"H.B. Fuller Co"

Manufacturers Of Adhesives, Sealants And Coating Compounds For A Wide Variety Of Industrial And Consumer Applications, Including Nonwoven Hygiene Disposables.

"H.E. Wisdom & Sons Inc"

Materials And Adhesives For Electrical, Structural Industrial Applications

"Heigl Adhesive Sales"

It Is A Stocking Distributor And Custom Packager For All Types Of Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings & Potting Compounds.

"Hernon Manufacturing Inc."

Manufacturer Of Adhesives And Sealants.


Suppliers Of Self Adhesive Anti Slip Tape And Non Slip Materials In A Variety Of Colors And Grades.

"Hindustan Inks And Resins Ltd"

Manufacturer Of A Wide Range Of Printing Inks, Resins, Adhesives, Wire Enamels And Agrochemicals. It Is The Flagship Company Of The Bhilakia Group.


Manufactures Flexible Plastic And Fabric Hose And Ducting. Applications Include Air, Dust Collection, Fume Removal, Conduit, Medical, Anti-Static, Gasoline, Chemicals. Manufacturing Process Require The Use Of No Solvents, Chemicals, Cements, Glues Or


All Types Of Glues Such As Epoxys, Ca Glues, Wood Glues, Vinyl Glues, Plastic Glues, And White Glues

"Holdfast Adhesives"

Manufacturer And Designer Of Userfriendly Adhesives Taking Adhesive Technology Beyond The Year 2000.Adhesives, Glue, Contacts, Flooring Adhesive, Carpet Adhesive, Vinyl Adhesive, Timber Flooring Adhesive, Industrial, Spray Contact, Pva Woodworking Et

"Holdtite Adhesives Ltd"

Manufacturers Of Anaerobic, Cyanoacrylate, Uvcure And Structural Adhesives And Sealants. Also Makes Specialty Chemicals Such As Non-Corrosive Silicone And Lubricants.

"Hot Melt Adhesives"

Maker Of Eva And Polyethylene, Hot Melt Adhesives And Reinforcing Strings And Tape

"Hot Melt City"

Hot Melt Adhesives, Glue Guns, Hot Glue, Hot Melt Applicators, Bulk Dispensers And Glue Dots


Manufacturers Of Adhesives, Grouts, Primers, Admixtures Subfloor Treatments For Ceramic Tile And Natural Stone Fixing

"Hpc Industrial Products"

Hot Dots Are Available In Both Removable And Permanent Adhesive Formulas, And Are Ideal For A Number Of Applications Including Printing,Packaging,Bindery,Print Finishing Etc.

"Hpc Industrial Products"

Distributor Of Industrial Supplies, Specifically Adhesive Tapes. A Wide Range Of Specialist Tapes, Packaging Products And Cleaners Are Available To Order Online.

"Huls America Inc"

Producer Of Organofunctional Silanes And Silicones Used In Advanced Composites, Adhesives, Sealants, And Pharmaceuticals Chemical Processing As Well Masonry Water Repellents And Industrial Floor Coatings.

"Hwa Yin"

Manufacturer Of Adhesives.The Chemical Factory Is Mainly Engaged In Every Kind Of Adhesive Production. Besides, Xiamen Chyi Lih Resins Co.

"Hy-Tape Corporation"

Maker Of Surgical Adhesive Tapes

"Hychem International"

Manufactures And Distributes Sealants And Adhesives

"Hychem Usa"

Manufacturer Of Adhesives, Sealants, Silicone, Hot-Melt, Acetoxy, Polyurethane, Polysulphide, Acrylic, Oximes, Neutral Oxime, Primer, Tile Adhesive, Spackling Paste, Siloxane Concentrate.


Dexter Adhesive & Coating Systems Delivers Innovative Bonding Solutions And High Performance Coatings For Aerospace, Industrial, And Specialty Applications. Choose The Appropriate Product/Application To Go Directly To That Section Of Our Site.

"I Rep"

A Lightweight Closed Cell Sponge Material, Peel-Bak Is An Easy To Apply Type Of Weatherstrip For Auto And Household Use. May Also Be Used On Boats, Refrigerators, Or Any Place A Weatherproof, Permanent Seal Is Required

"Ichemco S.R.L."

Wide Range Of Products For Pressure Sensitive Applications, Continuing With Products For Adhesive, Textile And Leather Finishing.

"Im.Eco. S.P.A."

Manufacture Of Paper Satchel And Shopper Bags Of Any Kind And Size For Industry Some Of The Adhesives Are Also Being Produced Here.

"Impact Adhesives"

Manufacturers, Consultants And Distributors Of Quality Adhesives

"Imperial Adhesives"

Experienced Exceptional Growth In Industrial Adhesives As Well As Footwear. In 1985, Ns Group, Inc., Seeking To Enhance Their Growth, Purchased Imperial.


We Are Importers, Manufacturers And Distributors Of Decorative Trimmings And Art And Craft Accessories Supplying The U.K. And Europe. And The Manufacturing Of The Glues For All These Types Of The Trimming And Other Accessiories.

"In-Line Labeling Equipment, Inc."

N-Line Labeling Equipment, Inc. Continues Our Tradition Of Innovative And Versatile Labeling Soultions With The Introduction Of The Duro 4.5 Labeling Head.Gbrandon@Cleanweb.Net

"Industrial Adhesives Company Bond-Plus"

Trademark Synonymous Adhesives That Meet The Highest Quality Standard

"Industrial Distribution Group"

Distributor Of Cutting Tools, Hand And Power Tools, Coolants, Lubricants, Adhesives And Abrasives.

"Inland, Inc"

Silicone - Neutral Cure Adhesives/Sealants Silicone Adhesives Squeeze Tubes Non-Silicone Caulks Export Sealants Spackling And Glues


Insulcast Is A Leading Manufacturer Of A Wide Variety Of Epoxy Encapsulants, Silicone Greases And Compounds, Adhesives, And One And Two Part Silicones.

"Intek Adhesives Ltd"

Specialise In Supply And Technical Advice To All Industries For Silicone And Non-Silicone Adhesives, Sealants, Lubricants And A Wide Range Of Consumable Products.

"Intek Adhesives Ltd"

Manufactures Of Different Kinds Of Adhesives For Different Uses

"International Gilders Supplies"

Manufactures And Suppliers Of Quality Dry Pigments,Resins,Glues & Adhesives, Etc.

"International Trading Company"

Adhesives Are Available In More Than 50 Countries. International Trading Company Is Offering The Industrial Product Line In North America.

"Inwah Private Limited"

Importing And Exporting Of Automotive Components, Stationery Items, Epoxies, Glues, Adhesives, And More.

"Iowa Midland Supply Inc"

Supplies Cutting Tools, Abrasives, Tapes, Adhesives.

"Ipn Industries, Inc"

Develops, Manufactures And Markets Innovative, Non-Polluting Adhesives, Sealants And Encapsulants For Commercial, Industrial And Military Use.

"Isaac Lord"

On-Line Catalogue Of Cabinet Fittings, Fasteners, Adhesives, Accessories, Architectural Ironmongery, Safety Products, Power Tools, Hand Tools And Other Equipment From Bristol Retailer Which Has Supplied The Woodworking Trade And Diy Enthusiasm.

"Item Plastic Corp."

Manufacturer Of Adhesive Pvc Color Films, Transferring Tape, Flex Face, Static Film And Plastic Sheets

"Itw Dynatec"

Design And Manufacture Of Hot And Cold Adhesive Application Assemblies And Systems. Supply Units And Applicators, Pattern Controllers And Drum Unloaders For The Nonwovens Industry. Subsidiary Of The Illinois Tool Works.

"Itw Plexus"

The Plexus Business Unit Manufactures And Sells The Patented New Plexus Methacrylate Adhesives For Structural Bonding Of Nearly All Thermoplastics, Metals, And Composite Materials.

"J . K . P A P E R Co"

Manufacturers Of Pvc Compound Thermosetting Filter Adhesives Basically For The Automotive Industry. Based In New Delhi.

"J Ordal Hobby`S B Lacktown"

We Are A Hobby Retailer Selling, R/C Planes, Cars, Boats, Sanyo Batteries, Radios, Servos, Glues, Resins, Screws, Accessories For All Hobby Items And We Even Stock Paper Tole Supplies.

"J.D. Lincoln Inc.,"

Manufacture Adhesive Films, Solution And Hot Melt Woven Prepregs, Solution Coated Ud Prepregs, Facesheets, Paste And Foaming Core Splice Adhesives, Potting Compounds, Core Edge Fillers, Artificial Stone Veneering. E-Glass, S-2 Glass, Carbon In Epoxy


Jac Is Malaysia S Largest Manufacturer Of Self-Adhesive Label Stock, Offering A Wide Range Of Adhesive, Face Stock And Backing Paper Combinations For The Packaging And Printing Industries.

"Jm Laboratories,"

Manufactures Systems That Apply Polymers, Adhesives And Other Materials In Applications Such As Nonwoven Fiber Production, Polyfilm Lamination, Paper Converting And Textile Lamination.

"John Wagner Associates, Inc."

High Quality, Non-Staining Waterproof Adhesive Developed For Adhering Drywall To Structurally Sound Surfaces. Primarily Designed For Gypsum Board To Wood Or Metal Studs, Laminating Gypsum Board To Gypsum Board, And Bonding Gypsum Board To Concrete


Manufacturer And Fabricator Of Specialty Rubber Products And Distributor Of Industrial Adhesives, Coatings And Tapes.

"Keser srl"

special materials for ceramic industries; products, High Tech products and service for ceramic industry.

"Key Polymer Corporation"

Manufactured Adhesives, Potting Compounds, And Other Chemical Materials For Industrial Applications. Our Focus Is To Partner With Each Customer To Provide A Unique Materials Solution.

"Kiepura Aviation Corp."

Adhesive Tape And Electrical Tape Supplier For The Aviation Industry.


Manufacturer Of Polymers For Extrusions, Hot Melt And Solution Applied Coatings. Applications Include Bitumen Modification (Roofing And Roads), Adhesives, Sealants And Coatings, And Modification Of Thermoplastics.

"Kruse Adhesive Tape, Inc"

Adhesives-- Custom Coated,Cyanoacrylate,Hot Melt,Labels Adhesive Etc Are Some Of The Adhesive Savaliable Here.

"Kyushu Biho Co., Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Masker, A Roll Of Film Or High Density Polyethylene Film With Adhesive Applied For Masking Large Areas For Painting.

"L & D Adhesives"

Adhesives Distributor Providing Adhesive Solutions To Manufactures.

"L & D Adhesives"

Is A Distributor With Solutions For All Your Adhesive Needs. We Carry Adhesives For Vacuum Forming, Wood-Working, Metal Fabrications, Packaging, Labeling Etc.

"L.D. Davis Industries, Inc."

Offers A Broad Product Line For Most Adhesive Applications. Our Technical And Research & Development Staff Can Formulate Special Adhesives For Unusual Or Specific Needs.

"Laboratorios Rayt, S.A.,"

The Different Adhesives Are Hot-Melt Adhesive,Water-Based Adhesives,Casein Adhesives,Sealants And Mastics Etc.

"Lamotex, Inc"

Is An International Distributor Specializing In Laminating Supplies, Finishing Products Such As Superior Laminating Films, Drymounting Adhesives (Thermal And Pressure Sensitive), Substrates, And Document Binding Products.

"Lancashire Chemicals Works Ltd"

Manufacture, Metal Treatments, Polymer Cross Linking, Adhesives And Catalyst Manufacture Together With Several Applications For A World Wide Customer Base.

"Langley Associates"

Specific Technical Expert Advice In The Use Of Process Chemicals For Many Applications And Industries.

"Lanka Bussiness"

Chemanex Adhesives - Manufactures And Exporters Of Starch Based Adhesives


At Lasermade We Can Cast Or Embed Almost Any Object You Require. An Art That Has Been Developed By Us So That When The Objects Are Cast, The Blocks Are 100% Transparent, And Have No Bubbles, Heat Or Curing Marks And Are All 100% Uv Constant.

"Lauren International"

Specializes In Standard And Custom Designed Polymer Extrusions, Injection Molded Parts, Silicone And Organic Sheet, Warm-Edge Technology Window Sealing Systems, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives And Fluoroelastomer Based Coatings

"Lawsons Ltd,"

Lawsons Stock All Leading Brands Of Adhesives, Fillers And Sealants.

"Lay Bond"

Manufacturers Of Contract Flooring Adhesives, Smoothing Compounds, Damp-Proof Membranes, Tools & Accessories, Roof Waterproofing Compounds, Sealants And Highway Products.


Lenape Industries Offers A Diverse Range Of Products For Use In The Plastics, Paint And Coatings, Graphic Arts, Adhesives, Rubber, Pharmaceutical, And Cosmetics Industries

"Lendell Mfg. Inc. (Lmi)"

Lendell Manufacturing Maintains A Reputation Of Excellence, By Providing Our Customers With The Highest Level Of Customer Care And Quality Products. Our Future Growth Depends On Our Commitment To Explore And Promote New Ideas And Products.


Makers Of Adhesives Including Caulks, Sealants, Office Supplies, School Supplies, Contact Cement, And More

"Li-Bond Co., Ltd."

Chemical Fastening Systems For Bonding And Sealing, Producing Such High Performance Hot Melt Adhesives, Liquid Adhesives, Epoxy Adhesives & Sealants As To Be Serviceable For Industrial & Consumer Customers.

"Lighthouse/Vip Products"

Manufacturer Of Premium Caulks, Coatings, Water Repellents And Sealants For The Building Industry.

"Lintec Corporation"

Leading Manufacturer Of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Materials, And The Company Also Has Strong Lineups Of Specialty Papers, Converted Papers And Films, Packaging And Printing Machines, And Equipment Used In The Production Of Semiconductors And Other

"Liquid Nails"

Superior Adhesive And Caulking Products. Offers Home Repair, Remodeling And Construction


Loctite - Manufacturer Of Cyanoacrylates (Instant Adhesives), Anaerobics, Epoxy Adhesive, Silicones, Polyurethanes, Acrylics, Underfills, Conformal Coatings, Conductive Materials.

"Lord Corporation"

Designs, Formulates, Manufactures And Markets Adhesives, Polyurethane Coatings, And Devices And Systems To Manage Mechanical Motion And Control Noise.


Loxeal Srl Independent Reliable Manufacturer, Source Of Wide Range Of Engineering Adhesives And Sealants, Anaerobic, Cyanoacrylates, Uv Activated, Two Components, Acrylics Contact Adhesive, Metal Impregnation Sealants, Silicon Lubricants.

"Luwatex Company Limited"

Manufacturers Of Adhesive Tape Making Machines And Teflon Seal Tape Making Machines. Also Adhesive Tapes, Thread Sealing Tapes.

"Mace Adhesives & Coatings Co., Inc"

Designs And Manufactures Polyurethane Coatings, Adhesives, And Prepolymer For Hydrophilic Foam.


Manufacturers Of : All Kinds Of Industrial Gums Starch Based Gums, Instant Gum Powder, Lamination Gum, Bopp, Pvc, Polyester, Furniture Adhesives, Industrial Gums, India, Indian, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Bombay, Industries.

"Manufacturers Supplies Company"

Manufacturers Supplies Company Is A Leading Supplier Of Industrial Converting Systems And Services. Please, Browse Our Site And Discover How We Can Increase Your Company S Manufacturing Processes To Save You Both Time And Money.

"Mark Sensing"

Produces Thermal Paper And Synthetic Film Products For Uses Including Lottery And Betting Tickets, And Adhesive Tags. Provides Thermal Printing Services.

"Maroon Inc."

A Trusted Source For The Supply And Distribution Of Specialty Raw Materials, Process Equipment And Packaging To The Paint, Coatings, Plastics, Ink, Adhesives & Rubber Industries For Over 22 Years.

"Maskimi Polyol Sdn. Bhd.,"

South East Asia Only Natural Oil Polyol Producer. Supplies Custom Made Rigid Polyurethane System Of Different Density And Application E.G. Insulation, Wood Imitation, Adhesive, Spray Foam, Elastomer

"Master Adhesives"

Maker Of Waterbased And Hot Melt Adhesives, Industrial Coatings, Purge Compounds And Filling Compounds For Fiber Optic Cable.

"Mcc Mcconnell`S"

Mcconnell S Primary Activity Is The Supply Of Specialist Industrial Paints, Coatings, Adhesives And Equipment To Our Customers. We Pride Ourselves In Our Ability To Provide Solutions To Fill Our Clients Individual Requirements

"Meanwell Bo Adhesive Products Co., Ltd."

Arts Supplies Manufacturer And Exporter In China That Supplies Photo Frames, Photo Albums, Specialty Arts Paper And Inkjet Media.

"Medi Surgichem"

Manufacturs A Variety Of Adhesive Bandages And Cotton Buds

"Media Print Supplies Industrial"

Media Print Supplies Industrial Barcode Labelling Solutions. Print Suppliers Of Self-Adhesive Labels And Label Printing Systems For Pricing, Coding, Bar Coding, Text And In-House Product Labelling (Ingredients, Weight, Etc.)

"Milligan & Higgins"

Manufacturer Of Quality Collagen-Based Products Including Glues, Edible Gelatins, Technical Gelatins, Animal Feed Ingredients, And Proteins For Food, Personal Care, And Technical Applications

"Miracle Glue"

Stronger than Super Glue, contains no solvents so doesnt dry out in the bottle.


3m Corporation. The Company S Research And Development Portfolio Features 100 Leading Technologies, Which Include Abrasives, Adhesives, Non-Woven Fibers, Films, Precision Coatings, Fluorochemicals, Ceramics, Optics And Microstructured Surfaces. 3m Pr

"Molly Hawkins House"

Offers Paints, Brushes, Cleaners, Adhesives, Canvases, And More.

"Moreau Marketing And Sales"

Silicone And Like Adhesives And Sealants & More. Quality Products For Industrial Consumers.


Specialises In Supplying Self-Adhesive Labelstock (Papers And Films) Into The International Market

"Nanhai Nanguang Resin Manufacture Co., Ltd."

Products Include Normal Adhesive, Pu, Cr Adhesive, Primer, Leather Coatings User For Shoe-Making

"National Starch And Chemical Co"

Specializing In Polymer Technology. Products Include Adhesives, Resins, Emulsions, Specialty Polymers, And Food And Industrial Starches.

"National Starch And Chemical Company"

It Is A Member Of The Ici Group , Is A Leading Manufacturer Of Adhesives, Specialty Synthethic Polymers, Electronic & Engineering Materials And Specialty Food,Pharmaceutical Starches And Industrial Starches.

"Nbond Adhesives"

Polybond33 Adhesive Is Our Two-Part Epoxy Developed To Provide A Covalent Bond To Low Energy Plastics Such As Pp And Pe. Pb33 Was Developed For Use In The Manufacture Of Corrugated Plastic Totes, Bins And Boxes


Nejilock Manufacture A Wide Range Of Adhesive And Epoxy That Are Distributed Throughout South East Asia-From Household Repairs To Fast Assembly Line And Aerospace Applications.

"Neri Labels"

Italian Manufacturers Of Flexographically Printed Self Adhesive Labels.

"Netherland Rubber Company"

Gaskets, Hoses, Adhesives, Sealants, Rubber Fittings, Extruded Packaging, Lubricants And More.

"New Dimensions Housekeeping Service"

Manufacturer Of Chemical Products To Clean Graffiti, Remove Adhesives, Degrease, And More.

"Ningbo Soken Chemicals Co., Ltd"

Annually Produces 2000 Tons Of Adhesives

"Norcros Adhesives"

Is A High Quality International Manufacturer And Innovator Of Adhesives, Grouts And Sealants For Construction, Industrial And Retail Markets.


Designs, Manufactures And Markets Systems That Apply Adhesives, Sealants And Coatings To Consumer And Industrial Products During Manufacturing Operations.

"Nordson Corporation`S"

Designs, Manufactures And Markets Automated Systems That Apply Adhesives, Sealants And Coatings To A Broad Range Of Consumer And Industrial Products During Manufacturing Operations, Located In Duluth, Georgia.

"Nordson Uv Curing Systems"

World Leader In The Development Of Sophisticated Equipment To Dispense Adhesives, Sealants, Liquid Paints And Powder Coatings.

"Normac Adhesive Products Inc."

Adhesive Division Produces The Normac 900r And 600r Cold Bonding Systems For Rubber To Rubber, Steel, Aluminum, Fabric, Pvc And Urethane.

"Normac Adhesive Products. Inc."

Normac Adhesive Products Inc. Is A Unique Organization Specializing In The Development/Manufacturing, Distribution And Application Of Protective Coating Systems Based On Polyurethanes For Abrasion Resistant, Corrosion Resistance And Noise Control Applications.

"Novamelt Usa, Inc."

Adhesive Technology For The Tape, Label, And Converting Industries

"Nu Pax"

Suppliers Of Self Adhesive Tapes, Packaging Materials, Rubber Bands And Tension Tape

"Nusil Technology"

Innovative Company Specializing In The Development And Manufacture Of Advanced Technology Silicone Product Device Design And Manufacturing Engineers Have Coped With The Slow Cure Rate Of Rtv Silicone Adhesives

"Oci Group"

Oci Berhad Was Incorporated In 1982.The Company Is One Of Asias Leading Manufacturers In Superior Quality Adhesives And Sealants For Various Industrial Applications In Malaysia And Abroad.

"Old Hickory Clay Company"

Old Hickory Clay Company Produces Ball Clay For The Ceramics Industry (Ceramic Tile, Sanitaryware, Dinnerware, Artware, Pottery, Stoneware, Refractory, Electrical Porcelain) And Coal Tar, Ceiling Tile, Adhesives.

"Olympic Adhesives, Inc."

Adhesives For Nonwoven Disposable Products, Film, Fabric, And Paper Converting, And Applications In The Packaging And Assembly Markets

"On-Hand Adhesives, Inc"

Source For Adhesives And Adhesive Dispensing Equipment For Bonding, Potting, Encapsulating, Sealing, Packaging Using Hot Melts, Epoxies, Cyanoacrylates, Methacrylates, Sealants, Anaerobics,Uv Adhesives

"On-Hand Adhesives, Inc."

They Are The Manufactures Of All Kinds Of Adhesives

"Orgavyl Chemical Industries Berhad"

Manufacturing A Variety Of Adhesives, Sealants, Epoxies, And Caulks For Industrial Applications And Do-It-Yourself Products.

"Osi Sealants, Inc."

Osi Is A Leading Manufacturer Of Caulks, Sealants, Adhesives And Wood Patching Products With More Than Four Decades Of Experience In Developing And Supplying The Highest Quality Products.

"Outdoor Foam Products"

Offer A Quality Line Of Self-Adhesive Foam Organizers. These Durable Weather Resistant Products Can Hold Your Fishing Rods, Drinks, Lures, Nets, Shotgun Shells, Tools, And More.

"P.T. Indo Abadi Sarimakmur"

Manufacturer And Exporter Of Indosar Medical Heat Plasters, Balms, Adhesive Plasters, And More.

"Pacer Technology"

Is A World-Class Manufacturer, Packaging And Distributioncompany Engaged In Marketing Advanced Technology Adhesives, Sealants, And Relatedproducts, As Well As Manicure Implements For Consumer Markets.


Pakmix Manufactures And Sells A Complete Line Of Packaged Concretes, Grouts, Mortars, Sealers, Patches, Glues, And Fillers In Twenty Eight Plants Throughout The United States Pakmix, Concrete, Packaged, Mortar, Grout Etc

"Palm Labs Inc."

Quality Industrial Adhesives Urbo, Fuse, Palm, Labs, South, Carolina, Business, Distributors, Industrial, Adhesives, Glue, Solvents, Online, Information, High, Quality, Bonding, Committed, Excellent, Service, Technical, Information, Material, Safety.

"Para-Chem Southern"

Para-Chem Adhesives, Contact Cements, Floor Preparation And Floor Care Products Cover The Gamut Of Floor Covering Materials And End-Uses. The Development Of Solvent-Free Adhesives, Para-Chem Meets The Demand For Safety And Performance In Both Residential And Commercial Applications.

"Parson International"

Parson Handles High-Performance Adhesives That Bond, Seal And Insulate.

"Patchwork Memories"

Scrapbooking Supplies And Products Including Printed And Plain Papers, Adhesives, Binders, Stickers, Pens, And More.

"Patco Corporation"

- Manufacturer Of Highly Engineered Tapes For Sporting Goods, Weatherization, Commercial Aerospace, And More.

"Peck Polymers"

Some Of The Kinds Of Adhesives Are Zap Is A Cyanoacrylate Adhesives.We Do Not Recommend These For Children Use.Zap-O Odorless Adhesive Similar To Zap/Ca. Can Be Used By Itself On Foam

"Perma Enterprise Co Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Diving Equipment, Glue, Adhesives, Sealants, Waterproof Goods.Diving Equipment, Mask, Snorkel, Knife, Fins, Diving Collection Glue, Instant Adhesives, Anaerosic Adhesives, Epoxy Resin Adhesives Silicone Adhesives, Silioone Oil/Grease.

"Perma Enterprise Co,. Ltd"

The Different Types Of Adhesives Avaliable Here Are Instant Adhesives,Anaerobic Adhesives,Epoxy Resin Adhesives,Solvent Base Adhesives,Adhesives For Conveyer Etc

"Permabonds Engineering"

Leading Edge, High Performance Products Represent A Complete Range Of Engineering Adhesives Solutions For A Variety Of Industries.


Specialty Adhesives, Caulks, And Sealants. Offers Product Selection, And Answers Your Faqs Regarding Caulking, Sealing And Waterproofing.

"Pidilite Industries Limited"

Manufacturer Of Speciality Chemicals Like Adhesives And Sealants, Construction And Paint Chemicals, Industrial And Textile Resins, Organic Pigments And Preparations, Art Materials, Etc.

"Pinsharp Photo Services"

Offers Photo Processing Services Including Stickypic Self Adhesive Photographs And Photo Cd. Specialises In Serving Estate Agents.

"Plastic Associates Manufacturing, Inc."

Manufacture Adhesives For The Natural Stone Industry. The Market For Adhesives In The Natural Stone Industry Within The United States Was Dominated By German And Italian Products.

"Plastics And Chemicals Industries Association Inc"

Represents Manufacturers, Importers, And Distributors Of Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Adhesives, Sealants, And Plastics.

"Plastics And Chemicals Industries Association Inc"

Pacia Represents Australian.They Are The Manufactures Of Chemicals, Petrochemicals And Resins,Manufacturers And Distributors Of Adhesives And Sealants,Manufacturers Of Plastics Products Etc.


Plasto Is Supplying 4 Major Markets : The Health Care Industry, The Automotive Industry, Do-It-Yourself And Construction Industry Adhesive Products And Special Adhesives For Industrial Use.


Manufacturers Of Self Adhesive Tape, Acrylic Foam Tape, Protection Film And Sealing Materials In Korea.

"Poly-Dynamics, Llc"

Poly-Dynamics Is A Research And Consulting Firm Specializing In Coatings, Adhesives, Flexible And Rigid Foams.

"Polymerics Gmbh"

Manufacturer Of High Temperature Resistant Epoxy- And Bismaleimide Based Adhesives, Specialty Polymers, Polymer Characterization.

"Power Adhesives Limited"

Tec-Bond Hotmelts Are 100% Solid, Non-Toxic Adhesives Containing No Solvents Or Water. They Are Manufactured In Rigid Stick, Slug Or Cartridge Form To Exacting Standards In Our Own Modern Factories

"Power Adhesives Tecbond"

Hotmelt Glue Guns And Adhesives From Tecbond. Adhesives For Glueguns, Hotmelts For Glueguns, Gluesticks For Applicators.

"Precision Labelling Systems Limite"

Manufacturers Of Self Adhesive Labels In Rolls Or Sheets From Plain To Eight Colours. The Complete Service Available From Design To Printing To Application. With More Than 20 Years Experience We Have Found Ourselves With A Reputations.

"Prime Industries"

Full Line Distributor For The Adhesive And Sealant Industry. We Offer A Complete Line Of Products

"Pro Adhesives"

High Quality Cas And Epoxies From The Model-Building. Now The Same Consistent High Quality You Find In Great Planes Kits Is Also Available In Adhesives.

"Procachem Corporation."

Procachem Corporation Also Offers A Broad Range Of Industrial Adhesives. We Can Provide Solutions In Assembly And Lamination For Bonding Most Substrates. Our Goal Is To Offer Environment-Friendly Products.

"Procter & Gamble"

The Product That Is Avalaible Is Fixodent Denture Adhesive Cream. Fixodent Original Guarantees Strong, Long Holding Power So You Can Laugh, Talk, Eat And Drink With Comfort And Confidence.

"Protak Group"

Protak For All Your Adhesives And Furniture Fittings.Adhesives, Furniture Fittings, Glues, Bonding, Packaging, Bookbinding, Hot Melt, Screws, Hardware, Hinges, Fastners Etc.

"Quad Group"

Manufactures Romulus Iii-A And Sebastian Five-A Testers For All Forms Of Adhesion And Materials Testing, Including Diamond Scratch, Blade Cutting, Adhesion, Stud Pull, Tensile, Flexure, Peel, Micro Range To 1700 Lbs.

"R&R Packaging Systems, Inc."

Distributors Of Hotmelt Equipment, Cold Glue Systems And Adhesives

"Ranger Industries, Inc."

Ranger Is A Specialty Ink Company. We Develop And Manufacture A Wide Range Of Custom And Generic Products For The Industrial, Commercial, Arts And Crafts Etc.

"Rcd Corporation"

Leading Manufacturing Of All Your Sealant And Adhesive Products For The Hvac Industry.

"Regal Plastic Supply Company"

Distributor Of Plastic Sheet, Rod, Tube, Film, Sealants, And Adhesives. Wholesale And Retail.

"Reichhold Chemicals"

A Leading Manufacturer Of Polyester Resins, Adhesives, Latex Emulsions, And Coating Resins.Provides Advanced Polymers, Adhesives And Polymer Systems Based Upon The Most Comprehensive Technology Found In A Single Company In The Industry

"Reichhold Chemicals"

Reichhold Has Been Providing Formulated Adhesives Throughout North America Since 1985 When Swift(Tm) Adhesive Products Was Acquired.

"Reliable Corporation"

Chennai-Based Manufacturer Of Adhesives And Speciality Chemicals

"Republic Chemical Industries , Inc."

"Mighty Bond Is A Single Component Solvent-Free Adhesive That Forms Strong Bonds On A Wide Variety Of Substrates Without The Need For Heat Or An Added Catalyst. It Is Particularly Useful In Bonding Porous And Non-Porous Materials; Metal,Etc."

"Resinas Sinteticas"

Making High-Quality Resins For The Adhesives, Beverages, Chewing Gum Rubber, Ink And Paper Industries

"Resinous Chemicals Corp. Ltd."

Is A Modern Enterprise, Specializing In The R&D, Manufacture, Marketing And Technical Support Of Polymerized Emulsions And Adhesives.

"Reuels Distribution"

Uhu Colored Glue Stick,Uhu Glue Sticks,Holdit,Elmers School Glue,Elmers Glue,Elmers Spray Adhesive Are The Different Adhesives Avaliable.

"Revertex Finewaters"

Manufacturer Of Industrial Adhesivesan Manufacturer Of Industrial Adhesives In Malaysiaadhesives Range From Starch To Dextrin, Latex To Casein, Pvac To Eva And Hot Melt

"Rexam Release"

Rexam Release: The World S Largest Manufacturer Of Release Liners Serving The Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Industry.

"Robotics, Incorporated"

Specialized In Automation And Technologies For Dispensing Adhesives, Sealants, And Other Fluid Materials

"Rohm America Inc"

Provides Methacrylic Monomers And Polymers For Pharmaceutical Coatings, Adhesives, And Other Items.

"Rohm And Haas Company"

Rohm And Haas Is A World Class Integrated Polymer Supplier And Formulator Of Adhesives, Sealents And Complementry Products.

"Roo Products, Inc."

We Are Adhesive Specialists. All Our Products Are Water-Borne, User-Friendly, And Environmentally Safe


Offers Diamond Blades, Silicone, And Threadlocking Adhesives.

"Ross Paint, Glitter & Craft"

Adhesives, Paste Cements, Glues For Details On The Ross Paint, Glitter & Craft Products White Glue School Glue Craft Glue

"Roy Manufacturing Co. Inc."

Badge, Display And Utility Clips. Also An Assortment Of Attachments, Mylar, Vinyl Straps, Ball/Chain, Magnetic And Adhesive Straps.

"S&C Polymer Gmbh"

Private Label Production Of Composites, Adhesives, Cements, Temporary Materials, Fissure Sealants, Impression Materials.

"S&E Industrial Adhesives Corporation"

Specializes In The Manufacture Of Adhesives, Coatings And Machinery For The Friction Bonding Industry. We Service The Automotive, Aerospace, Marine And Appliance Industries.

"Saf-T-Lok International Corp.C"

Manufacturer Of Anaerobic Adhesives And Sealants, Cyanoacrylates Instant Glue, Anti-Seize And Lubricants

"Sai Group"

This Group Manufactures Adhesives, Polymers, Agrochemicals, Colorants, Pigments And Micronutrients.

"Saima Co"

Producer Of Tamper Resistant Fasteners.For The Best Producers Of The Adhesives And Glues.

"Saria International, Inc."

Providing Sealants, Sprays, And Adhesives For Hardware And Automotive. Also Selling Industrial Machinery.


Savare Specialty Adhesives Taly. Manufacturers Of Hotmelt Adhesives For Nonwovens, Hygiene And Medical End Uses.

"Scapa Group Plc"

Designs, Manufactures, And Supplies Standard And Customised Engineered Adhesive Films, Tapes, And Compounds.

"Schauer Produkte Gmbh"

Schauer Produkte Manufactures Several High Quality Adhesives Based Upon Various Raw Materials. Our Most Important Products Are: Casein Glues For The Labeling Of Glass And Special Casein Glues

"Schuemann Sasol Gmbh"

For The Manufacture And Supply Of Wax And Related Products For The Hot Melt Adhesive, Textile, Paraffin Wax, Lubricant Polish And Candle Industries.


Products Include Pens, Adhesives And Storage Items. There Distributors Of The Adhesivers And Other Types Of Stationary Products.

"Sculptural Arts Coating, Inc."

Manufacturers Of Specialty Paints And Coatings Including Scenic Paints, Clear Acrylics, Tough Coats, Foam Coatings/Adhesives For Set Design, Backdrops, Faux Finishes, Costumes, Props, Puppets, Textures, And Crafts.

"Self Adhesive Supplies Limited"

Supply Of Self Adhesive Technical Tapes, Adhesives - Including Structural Bonding, Hot Melts, Cyanoacrylates, Aerosols And Water Based, Respiratory Protection, Abrasives And A Wide Range Of Packaging Products.

"Sem Products, Inc."

Manufactures Adhesives, Sealers, Filler, Trim Paint, And More.

"Sendax Mini Dental Implant Center"

Invasive-Surgery-Free Method To Clumsy Denture Adhesives

"Serafini S.R.L."

Materials Of Support And The Adhesive Tapes For Footwear, Leather Goods And Apparel.

"Shaw Industries, Inc."

Usa. Residential And Commercial, Broadloom Woven And Hand Tufted Carpets, Carpet Tiles And Area Rugs. Carpet Cushioning And Adhesives. Also, Carpet Installation Services.

"Shenzhen-Dic Co.,Ltd"

Suppliers Of Printing Ink, Constructional Material, Dyes For Cans, Varnish, Adhesive, Thinner, Ink Oil, Super Adhesives, And Other Relative Products

"Shin Foong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd."

We Manufacture Our Products, Polylac, Synthetic Latex , With The Process That Comes From Mitsui Chemicals Inc, Japan. It Is Widely Applied In Paper Coating, Carpet Backing,Non-Woven And Innersole Saturation, Veneer Adhesion, And Cement Mortar, Etc.

"Shrinkit Inc."

Shrink Wrap Supply System Includes Large Size Film, Heat Guns, Adhesive Heat Tape, And Accessories For The Marine, Machinery, Lumber, Construction, Auto Salvage, And Restoration Industries.

"Sia Adhesives, Inc."

Nations Leading Manufactures Of Adhesives And Coating Industry

"Siag Chemicals Company"

Is One Of The Largest Manufacturers Of Adhesives In Egypt.Today It Offers A Variety Of Different Glues Which Fully Correspond To The Needs Of The Numerous Fields Of Application.

"Silco Inc.,"

Silicone, Adhesives, Sealants, Bonding, Caulks Professional Silicone Sealants And Adhesives.

"Silicon Valley Adhesives Corp"

Manufacture0s Representatives And Distributors Of Adhesives For Manufacturing: Semiconductors, Hybrid , Microwave, Disk Drive, Medical And Test Equipment Components

"Silicone Release Ltd"

Producer Of Silicone Release Coated Films And Related Self Adhesive Products

"Silvandersson Miljv Ab"

- T H E W O R L D S L E A D I N G M A N U F A C T U R E R O F G L U E -T R A P S F O R F L I E S , F L E A S , - I N S E C T S A N D O T H E R P E S T S .

"Site Rabey, Svetlana"

Paintings And Constructions Made With Adhesive Tapes.

"Slocum Adhesives Corporation"

Manufacturers Of Custom-Compounded Adhesives With Nearly Fifty Years Of Experience

"Smc Global Limited"

Exporters Of Energy Meters, Cables, Jewellery Boxes, Adhesives, Laminates, Bakelites, Stainless Steel Circles And Utensils, And More.

"Sony Chemicals Corporation"

The Company Offers Products In Electronics Technology, Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Adhesives And Speciality Coatings, Magnetic Recording Media And Electronic Components.

"Sony Chemicals Corporation Of America"

Sonys Complete Line Of Free Radical Acrylic Adhesives Are Designed For Bonding All Dvd Formats And Offer Fast Curing And Excellent Adhesion. They Have Been Engineered And Extensively Tested To Meet The Stringent Requirements Of Optical Media Manufacturing.


Tile Adhesives, Waterproof Adhesives And Adhesives Of Both Powdered And Acrylic Based Type.

"Sovereign Chemical Industries Ltd"

Producers Of Wood Preserving, Damp Proofing, Wood Staining And Injection Fluid Chemicals. Also Sealants, Adhesives, And Timber Treatment.

"Spci S.A."

Marketing Of Speciality Chemicals And Technical Products To All Industrials On Behalf Of Its Principals.

"Specialty Adhesives, Inc"

Complete Line Of Adhesives, Sealants And Coatings Both Military Specs And Industrial.

"Specialty Adhesives, Inc."

Complete Line Of Adhesives, Sealants And Coatings Both Military Specs And Industrial

"Spectrum Signs And Stencils"

Manufacturer Of High Quality Self-Adhesive Safety Signs, Self-Adhesive Information Signs, Banner Signs, Decorative Stencils, And Industrial Stencils.


Adhesive Fabrics Designed To Bond Various Substrates, Such As Textile Fabrics, Foams, Films, Etc.

"Spunfab Ltd."

Spunfab Is A New Specialty Product Sometimes Referred To As A Hot-Melt Adhesive Web. Supplied In A Unique Nonwoven Form, Spunfab Adhesive Webs Are Used By Manufacturers To Effectively Bond, Laminate, And Coat A Variety Of Materials

"Sra International"

Manufacturer Of A Variety Of Thermosetting Resins, Adhesives And Poly Vinyl Acetate Polymers Which Are Used Mainly In The Wood Processing Applications. These Include The Fabrication Of Plywood, Particle Board, Mdf, Chip Board, Bagasse Board

"St Lawrence Chemical, Inc."

Distributor Of Commodity And Specialized Chemicals To A Broad Range Of Industries

"Sta-Put Adhesive Products And Systems"

Have Been Recognized Throughout A Multitude Of Industries, As A Name You Can Trust When It Comes To Adhesive Bonding. As A Leader And Pioneer In The Development Of Quality Adhesive Systems.

"Sta-Put, Incorporated"

Maufacturer Of Adhesives Systems. Leading Manufacturer Of Contact Adhesives And Systems.

"Stan Rubinstein & Assoc."

Electronic Solder Paste, Solder Wire & Paste, Silver Brazing Paste & Wire, Gold Brazing Paste & Wire, Fluxes, Dispensers And Accessories, Adhesives, Epoxies, Brazing Torches, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Soldering And Brazing Boards.

"Star Technology, Inc."

Custom Formulator And Manufacturer Of Epoxy, Urethane, And Acrylic Adhesives And Coatings For Use In Two Part, Single Part And Uv Cured Adhesives And Coatings.

"Sto Industries, Inc"

Offers Fasteners, Nails, And Sub-Floor Adhesives

"Sullivans Usa Inc,."

They Produces Different Typrs Of Glues And Adhesives.Some Of The Varities Are Glue Pins,Fray Stop,Craft Glue,Tacky Glue

"Suncrown Adhesive Products Company, Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Self-Adhesive Trade Mark Labels Series And Opp Gloss-Film And Auxiliary Products Including Double-Sided Sticking Types, Cotton Types, Protective Types, And Press-Sensitive Self-Adhesives.

"Super-Tek Products, Inc."

Adhesive Formulating/Manufacturing Firm Providing Services To The Construction Industry.


"Fantast-Tak Has Created Superdots; Glue Dots That Are An Ideal, Economical Replacement For Hot Melt Glue Systems Superdots, Gluedots, Glue, Adhesive, Hotmelt, Tapes, Tapes, Adhesifs, Klebern, Adesiva, Adhesion, Print Finishing, Mailing, Promotion"

"Supergraphics, Inc."

Specializes In Producing Photorealistic, Self-Adhesive Vinyl For Bus Wraps And Sign Graphics.

"Superior Fomebords Corp"

Distributor Of Foamboards. Includes Color-Coated, Self-Adhesive, Specialty, Plastic, And Heavy Duty Boards. Also Offers Dimension-Cutting Services.

"Sur-Lok Adhesives"

Manufacturer Of Anaerobic And Cyanoacrylate Adhesives: Threadlocker - Retainer - Sealant - Super Glue.

"Sureloc Adhesives"

Our Product Range Includes Cyanoacrylates Super Glue , Anaerobics And Other Specialised Adhesives

"Surface Coatings Association Australia Inc"

Developing The Science, Technology And Management Of The Coatings Industry - Paints, Printing Inks, Adhesives And Cosmetics.

"Surface Solutions Laboratories, Inc."

Develops, Licenses, And Supplies Coating And Adhesive Technologies For Mechanical, Biological, And Electrical Industries.

"System Three Resins"

Product And Application Information/Education For Use Of Epoxy Resin Adhesives, Compounds And Coatings.

"T&A Supply Company, Inc."

Wholesale Distributor Of Products Including Adhesives, Carpet Pads, Sheet Vinyl, Laminates, Mats, And More. With Branches Throughout The Pacific Northwest.

"T.L.I.P Adhesives Limited"

As Tlip Adhesives Limited, We Are One Of The Fastest Growing Industrial Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Companies In Europe, Having Established Ourselves As A Dynamic Force In The Rapidly Growing Cyanoacrylate Market.

"Tanner Chemicals, Inc"

Custom Engineered Specialty Chemicals And Adhesives For The Textile And Nonwovens Industries. Fire Retardents, Auxiliaries And Coating Compounds. Also, Cryogenic Grinding Of Solid Materials.

"Tape Technologies, Inc."

Manufacturers And Distributors Of Vinyl And Adhesive-Coated Films, Reflective And Magnetic Sheeting, Automotive Tape Products And Inkjet Meda

"Tartan Color & Chemical"

Canadian Based Chemical Distributor Exclusively Representing Several High Quality Principals To The Following Industries Graphic Arts, Plastics, Rubber, Adhesives, And Other Industries

"Technical Adhesives Limited"

Manufactures Premium Adhesives For A Wide Variety Of Industrial Applications, Including Packaging, Bookbinding, Automotive, Product Assembly, Pressure Sensitive Converting, Envelope

"Telechem Corporation"

An Industrial Maintenance Chemical Manufacturer And Distributor Specializing In Degreasers, Solvents, All Purpose Cleaners, Adhesive Removers, Mastic Removers, And Windshield Washer Fluid.

"Ten Ko Chemical & Plastics Co., Ltd."

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, Super Glue, Hot Melt Adhesives, Epoxy Resins, Hardeners, Floor Coatings In Taiwan.

"Tennessee Adhesives Company"

Tennessee Adhesives Company, An Overview Of An Outstanding Manuafacturer Of Adhesives, Solvents, And Bonding Products For All Industries, Including Carpeting And Flooring.Adhesives,Flooring,Industry,Glue,Carpet,Chemist,Chemistry

"Teraoka Seisakusho Co., Ltd."

Manufactures Adhesive Tapes For Packing, Electrical Insulation, Electronic Equipment, And Other Home And Industrial Uses.


Offers A Programme Of Intermediates For Making Innovative Polyurethanes Like Cast And Thermoplastic Elastomers, Coatings And Adhesives. Also Detailed Technical Service Is Offered.

"The Ambel Corporation"

Adhesives Are Single Component, Professional Strength Glues And Adhesive/Sealants Used By A Wide Variety Of Industries Including Woodworking, Furniture Building/Restoration, Boat Building/Repair, Cabinetmaking And Millwork

"The Bhavani Group"

Well Known For Their Labelling Machines.The Different Products Avaliable Are Wet Glue Etc.The Pioneers In Manufacture Of Indigeneous Pharmaceuticals Machinery In India.

"The Environmental Home"

To Help You In Your Home Building Environmental Home Center Offers Several Specialty Products That Provide An Alternative To Conventional Materials With Higher Toxicity Like Construction Solvent Adhesives,Contain Ethylene Glycol Etc.

"The Gluefast Company, Inc."

Manufacturers Of Label Gluers, Mounting Equipment, Adhesive Applicators, Glues And Adhesives For Labeling And Adhesive Palletizing / Unitizing. Hot Melt Padding Adhesive.

"The Kryton Group Of Companies"

Manufactures And Distributes Admixtures, Plugs, Grouts, Sealants, Coatings, And More.

"The P.D. George Company"

Supplier Of Specialty Polymers, Varnishes, Adhesives, And Resins For Application In The Electronic Industries.

"The Simalfa"

Range Of Water Borne Adhesives Has Been Designed To Be Simple In Use, Deliver The Necessary Tack For Quick Spray And Stick Applications And Conform To Changing Environmental Regulations.

"The Vision Adhesives Company, Inc."

Solvent Free Epoxy Adhesives, Conductive Adhesives, And Other Two-Part Epoxies For Bonding All Types Of Ceramic Tile, Vinyl Flooring, And Industrial Floor Covering Products


Silicones Are Both Adhesives And Sealers. The Work Well In Situations Where The Bond Might Get Wet. They Work Well On Glass. They Dont Break Down In Cold Weather. Unfortunately They Are Very Toxic.

"Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd."

Speciality Chemical Manufacturer Involved In Fine And Performance Based Chemicals.


Manufacturers Of Uv And Thermal Cure Adhesives, Coatings, Encapsulants, Printing Inks, Peelable Mask And Solder Mask For Electronics, Medical, Automotive.

"Tianjin Organic Chemical Industry Corp"

Chemical Product Manufacturer And Exporter. Product Range Includes Automobiles Chemical, Biomedical Materials, Additives, Adhesives, Azoic Dyes, Food Dyes, Mordant Dyes, Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes, Disperse Dyes.

"Tile Adhesives"

The Home Of Ceramic Tile Adhesives. One Of The Leading Ceramic Wall And Floor Tile Adhesive Manufacturers In The United Kingdom, Supplying Both Contract And Retail Outlets.


Product Recomendations And Application Tips For Shop Glues And Construction Adhesives.

"Tlip Adhesives Limited"

One Of The Fastest Growing Industrial Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Companies

"Tmi Adhesives"

Created To Supply Environmentally Friendly Adhesives For The Pulp, Paper And The Architectural Woodwork Industry

"Tmr Materials Co."

Products And Companies Represented Of Adhesives And Sealants Epoxies, Methacrylates, Hot Melts And Applicators,Water Based And General Purpose Adhesives Etc.

"Tong Shen Enterprise Co Ltd"

Manufacturer Of A Wide Choice Of Adhesive And Pe Bottles Including Super Glue, Cyanoacrylate Adhesive And Instant Glues.

"Topflight Corporation"

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Products

"Tr Fastenings Ltd"

Manufacturers And Distributors Of Threaded Fasteners, Rivets And Adhesives

"Transfixt Limited"

Manufacture A Wide Range Of Self-Adhesive Products, Including Specialist Self-Adhesive Tapes, Finger-Lift Transfer Tapes And Tapes Produced To Customers Specifications.


Standard And Custom Equipment For Dispensing Any Kind Of Material, Chemical, Adhesive, Solvent, Lubricant Or Lab Liquid.

"Truebite, Inc."

Sells Hand And Dremel Motor Tools, Drill Bits, Brushes, Adhesives, Shop Accessories, And More. Offers Glass, Doll, And Ceramics Seminars.

"Tyco Plastics"

Supplies Tapes And Adhesives, Garment Hangers, Coated And Laminated Packaging Materials, Plastics Bags, And Flexible Packaging Material.

"U.S. Adhesives"

Is A Manufacturer And Formulator Of A Wide Range Of Adhesives Including Hot Melt, Water Based Resins, Dextrine And Animal Glues.

"Uniplast, Inc"

Manufacturers Of Hot Melt Adhes Broad Product Line Of Hot Melt Adhesives, Glue Sticks, Glue Guns Uniplast Hot Melt Adhesives Hot Melt Glue Sticks Hot Melt Glue Guns Hotmelts Glueguns Gluesticks Uni-Melt Uni-Melt Polyamide Eva Apo Packaging Gloobies.

"Uniroyal Chemical"

Serve Many Markets Including Rubber Processing, Plastics, Crop Protection, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Recreation, Graphic Arts, Mining, Electronics, Adhesives And Sealants, And Paints And Coatings.

"United Adhesives"

United Adhesives Is A Leading South African Manufacturer Of Adhesives, Coatings, Sealants, Solvents And Finishes.

"United Mcgill Corporation"

Airflow Products, Air Pollution Control, Vacuum Dryers, Autoclaves, Duct Sealants And Adhesives From United Mcgill Corporation.

"Universal Supply Co,."

Manufacturers & Suppliers For The Commercial & Industrial World.The Different Products Avaliable Here Are Double Stick Tapes,Copyrighted Adhesives,Tapped Acrylic Blocks Etc.

"Unu Chemical Co., Ltd"

Specialising In Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Which Are Known As Instant Super Glue For Artifical Nailing, Hobby Market Like Diy, And Other Uses.


Development, Manufacturing And Distribution Of Epoxy Resins, Hardeners, Reactive Diluents And Adhesive Promoters. Innovative Solutions For The Industry.

"Usm Corporation"

Manufacturer Of Shoe Machinery, Cutting Presses, Fasteners And Adhesives, And Specialty Paper Products.

"Uvitron International Inc."

Designs And Manufactures Affordable Ultraviolet Light Systems For Curing Of Uv Adhesives, Coatings, Paints And Resins.

"Valiant Technologies, Inc."

Offers Software Services And Adhesive, Us Start-Up Company That Provides Products And Services For The Entertainment, Energy, Education, Health, Manufacturing, And Software Industries. Valiant Is Both A Services Contractor And A Products Company

"Valley Forge Tape & Label Co., Inc."

Producing The Highest Qualityself-Adhesive Labels For Almost 40 Years And Our Experience Is At Your Service.


Produces Industrial Coatings And Adhesives. Products Include Laminating, Pressure Sensitive, Heat Seal, Cold Seal, Cohesive And Self-Seal Adhesives. Valpac Will Also Create Custom Formulations And Toll Manufacture.

"Vam Organic Chemicals"

It Manufacturers Bulk Organic And Speciality Chemicals, Polymers, Adhesives, Industrial Gases, Wood Finishing Systems And Construction Chemicals And Fertilisers. Based In New Delhi.

"Veneer Systems Inc."

Veneer Packets Are Placed In The Opening With The Jointed Side Facing Down. Gravity Places The Jointed Edges Flat Along The Bottom Of The Opening. Then The Sides Are Compressed To Hold The Veneer In Place. Producer And There Manufacture Of Glues

"Verick International Inc"

Adhesives, Sealants, Superglues And Tapes For Industrial And Hobby Builders Use From Verick Adhesives -

"Verticalnet, Inc."

Source For Professionals In The Adhesives And Sealants Industry- Information On Hot Melt Systems, Adhesives, Packaging Sealants, Composite Assembly, Polymer Production And More,Adhesives,Hot Melt Systems,Packaging Sealants,Pressure Sensitive,Psa Etc.

"Via-Chem Inc"

Is A Supplier Of Cyanoacrylate-Based, Instant High-Strength Adhesive Of The Solventless, Single Liquid Type. It Hardens Rapidly At Room Temperature And Demonstrates Excellent Adhesive Efficiency.

"Viking Industrial Products Limited"

Offer A Wide Range Of Adhesives And Sealants To Meet All Of Your Production And Industrial Requirements.

"Viking Industrial Products Ltd"

Packaging Material, Tapes, Adhesives, Abrasives For Uk And Export Markets. 3m Main Distributors.

"W. F. Taylor Co. Inc."

Is A Manufacturer Of State Of The Art Environmentally Friendly Adhesives And Epoxies For Installation Of Floorcovering Products Including Resilient Flooring, Carpet Products, Carpet Cushion, Wood, Ceramic Tiles.It Also Produces Contact Bond Cement.

"Walmark Corporation"

Distributor Of National Starch And Chemical Packaging And Woodworking Adhesives, And Tacc Solvent Adhesives

"Watkins & Associates, Inc."

Watkins & Associates, Inc. Has Supplied Adhesives, Release Agents, Coatings, And Sealants To The Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Transportation, And General Industry For Nearly Half A Century. Specializing In Difficult To Bond, Hard To Release, Etc.

"Wembley Laboratories Ltd."

New Delhi-Based Manufacturer Of Quickfix And Other Adhesives.

"Western Adhesives"

Manufacturer Of High Quality Adhesives, Including Hot Melt, Water Based, Polyurethane, Pressure Sensitive, And Specialty Coatings.

"Wilkinson Kaolin Associates, Ltd."

Wilkinson Mines High Quality Air-Floated Kaolin For Fiberglass, Paper, Ceramic Refactories And Whitewares, Adhesives, Rubber And Other Polymer And Filler Industries.

"Wing Fung Adhesive Manufacturing Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Rubber, Pvc And Adhesive Products.

"Wolverhampton Labels"

Wolverhampton Labels - Design And Manufacture Of Plain And Self Adhesive Labels Labels, Self Adhesive Labels, Tags, Tickets, Numbering, Bar Coding, Barcodes, Printer, Print, Security Labels, Continuous Labels, Copier Labels, Thermal Labels, Sheets.


We Are The Leading German Producer Of Wood Floor Adhesives. Glues And Adhesives Have Been Manufactured Since 1828, Wood Floor Adhesives Since 1952 And Approx. 50,000,000 Sq. Ft. Are Installed Each Year Using Our Products.


Manufactures Assembly Items, Fasteners, Adhesives, And Tools For Metal And Wood Crafts, Automotive Trades, And Industry.

"Yenom Label Materials (S) Pte. Ltd."

Manufactures Self-Adhesive Materials For Commercial And Industrial Use, Worlds Leading Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Based Media Solution Provider For Product Identification And Decoration.

"Yi Hsin Lung Co,. Ltd"

We Excel In The Manufacture Of Various Like Super Glues, Thread Lockers,Clear Glues,Ab Glues, And Industrial Glues.

"Young Assemble Co., Ltd"

Exporter/ Supplier Of Adhesives For Industrial Use. Products Include Potting Type Epoxy Resins, Uv Resins, Spary Glue.

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