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"A E Fleming Company"
A Leading Distributor Of Industrial Raw Materials, Including Pigments, Resins And Filler Materials, Specializing In Service To The Coatings, Adhesive, Rubber And Plastics Industry

"A. Schulman"

A. Schulman Is A Leading International Supplier Of High-Performance Plastic Compounds And Resins

"Abatron, Inc."

"Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings, Chemical Specialties; Epoxy, Polyurethane, And Other Resins"

"Abrasive Technology Inc."

Pbs, Electroplating, Metal And Resin Bonded Diamond & Cbn Tooling For Creep Feed Grinding, Form Grinding, Machining, & Polishing

"Abs Resins And San Resins"

Offer Excellent Impact Strength, Heat And Oil Resistance, High Gloss, And Easy Processing Electrical Appliances, Vehicles, Telephone Components, Articles For Daily Use

"Adell Plastics"

The Worlds Polymer Producers And Resin Processors Have Relied On Adell Plastics To Perform Compounding Services Produces Engineered Thermoplastic Resins And Custom Compounding


Specializing In The Formulation And Private Labeling Of Concentrated Polymer Resins, Methacrylate, Tinted And Other Sealers, And Stains.

"Aggressive Distributing"

Supplier Of Commercial Products Including Stonecraft, Sealers, Acrylic Resins, Epoxy, Colored Quartz, Crack Repair Resins And More.

"Akzo Nobel Nv"

Multi-National Manufacturing Corporation, Active In Healthcare Products, Coating, Chemicals, Nonwovens And Fibers. Resins And Chemicals For The Textile, Nonwovens And Papermaking Industries.

"Albany International Techniweave, Inc"

Involved With The Specialty Weaving Of Advanced High Temperature And Structural Fibers, The Development And Manufacture Of Advanced Fiber Preforms, And Ceramic Matrix Composites Made By Sol-Gel Processing Techniques And Resin Matrix Composites Usin

"Alliedsignal, Inc."

Allied Signal (Now Merged With Honeywell) Manufactures Resins And Carpets That Can Be Used For Acoustic Purposes

"Allrim Inc"

Allrim, Allrane, Risines De Dtmage, Resines De Domage, Dtmage, Domage, Dtme, Dome, Itiquette Adhisive, Etiquette Adhesive, Risines Transparentes, Polyurethane Transparent Etc

"Alpha/Owens Corning"

Production, Sales, And Distribution Of Thermoset And Polyester Resins For Many Applications


Distributors Of Raw Materials For Resins, Flame Retardants, Inorganic Acids, Solvents, And Other Chemicals/Additives

"Arakawa Chemical (Usa) Inc"

Supplier Of Chemical Products Made From Petroleum Resins And Monomer-Based Synthetic Resins.

"Arc Resin"

Manufacturer Of Engineered Resins. Abs, Pc, Pc/Abs, Ppo, Pbt, Acetal, Nylon, Filled Nylon, And Specialty Grades.

"Argonaut Technologies"

Products Include Organic Synthesizers, Software, And Chemical Resins And Reagents For Solution-Phase And Solid-Phase Chemistry

"Ashley Polymers, Inc."

Manufacturer And Distributor Of Nylon, Polycarbonate, Ppo, Pbt, Acetal, Abs And Other Engineering Resins.

"Associated Geo Engineering Sdn Bhd"

Specializes In Soil Investigation, Concrete And Soil Testing, Concrete Repairs, Resin Injection, Grouting, And More.

"At Plastics Inc"

Manufactures Olefin Based Copolymers, Speciality Resins And Compounds, Agricultural/Horticultural Films, Industrial Packaging, And Performance Films.

"Atul Ltd"

High Quality Products Including Agrochemicals, Bulk Drugs And Bulk Drug Intermediates, Cresols And Cresol Derivatives, Dyes And Dye Intermediates, Epoxy Resins And Epoxy Hardeners, Formaldehyde

"Aum Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.,"

Caters To Various Edible Oil Industries, Chemical Process Industries And Projects Relating To Speciality Fats, Essential Oils & Oleo Resins

"Autoload, Inc"

Designers And Manufacturers Of Material Handling Equipment For Automated Resin Conveying To Injection Molding, Extrusion And Other Plastics Processing Equipment.

"Aviation Products, Inc."

Suppliers Of Sealants, Adhesives, Epoxy Resins And Bonded Parts.


Resins, Composites And Adhesives,Formulation, Manufacturing And Distribution Of Resins (Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Silicones, Etc.) And High Technology Composite Materials

"Biotherm, Inc."

Develops Biotechnology Applications For Resins And Related Products.

"Birkett Electric Limited"

Manufactures Low Voltage Resin Filled Underground Cable Joints And Cable Accessories

"Bryte Technologies, Inc.,"

Manufacturing Leaders Supplying Advanced Composite Materials. Bryte Prepregs, Adhesives, Cyanate Ester And Epoxy Resin Systems, Syntactic Foams, And Thermal Management Materials

"Bsr Replicas & Finishes"

Retailer Of Nascar Modeling Products, Including Kits, Decals, Paints, Resin Bodies And Parts, And Magazines And Books. Includes Online Catalog


A Custom Manufacturer Of Spray-Dried Powdered Resins Which Are Used As Adhesives In A Wide Variety Of Applications

"Cal Thermoplastics, Inc."

Supplier Of Plastic Resins, With Emphasis On Polyolefins. Prime, Generic Prime, And Wide-Spec Plastic Resins Worldwide

"Cape Composites Incorporated"

Cape Composites Is The Lowest Cost Manufacturer Of Prepregs And Unidirectional Tapes In The Composite Industry

"Capital Resin Corporation"

A Leading Domestic Producer Of Industrial Resins And Catalysts As Well As Specialty Intermediates And Additives

"Castle Diamond Technology Ltd -"

Manufacturers Of Diamond And Cbn Resin-Bond, Vitrified, And Electroplated Grinding Wheels And Tooling

"Chemco Systems"

"Complete Systems Epoxy Resins And Equipment For Crack Injection; Structural Repair; Concrete Repair; External Reinforcement"

"Chemco Systems, Inc."

Manufactures Epoxy Resin Adhesives And Coatings, Polymer Products, And Application Pumps And Equipment Used To Repair And Bond Concrete And Other Substrates

"Chemicals Incorporated"

Custom And Toll Manufacturing Of Specialty Chemicals, 4-Phenyl Butric Acid, Resins, Polymers, Omc.


A Solvent Based Two-Component Product Evolved By Blending Of Coal Tar, Epoxy Resins With Modified Amine Hardener And Solvents.

"Cmr Eng"

The Company Produces And Markets A Wide Range Of Products, Including Formalin And Formalin- Derived Synthetic Adhesives Used For Wood Manufacturing, And Resins Used By Foundries And Plastic Industries

"Commercial Resins Company"

Full Service Pipeline Coating Company, Also Rebar Manufacturing Available

"Composite Materials Inc"

Worldwide Distributor Of Fiberglass, Polymers And Resins, Catalysts, Polyurethanes, Elastomers, And Related Processing Equipment

"Cop Gun"

Sells Blank Firing And Resin Guns Used For Training Purposes And As Props

"Cray Valley"

Part Of Atofina, The Chemical Branch Of The Total Fina Elf Group, The Resins Business Is Grouped Under Cray Valleys Banner And Builds On The Strengths Of Two Companies In The United States

"Creanova Inc.,"

Manufacturers Want Quality Raw Materials Best Suited For Their Adhesives And Sealants Applications

"Crocco Spa"

Makers Of Polyethylene And Polyolefin Packaging Films Produced With Thermoplastic Resins, Including Printed, Stretch, Skin, And Food Packing Films

"Custom Linings"

Offers Spray-On Urethane Resin Systems And Dealership Opportunities.

"Daily Polymer Corp."

Manufacture And Export Unsatuated Polymer Resins And Resins For Paints, Adhesives And The Textile Industry

"Daiso Co., Ltd."

Makes A Variety Of Chemical Products Including Sodas, Inorganic/Organic Chemicals, Synthetic Resins, Pharmaceuticals, Chirals, And Hplcs.

"De Hazelaar Art Supplies"

Epoxy Resins,Hardeners,Lackers,Pigments,Glues & Adhesives,Glassfibers,Shellack All All Avaliable Here.

"Debra International"

Offering Collectible Dolls, Teddy Bears And Resin Sculptures, Including Classic Pooh, Merrythought, Arden, Mr. Bean, Lledo And Alberon

"Deco Coat Products"

Our Crystal Clear Decorative Epoxy Doming Resins Form Bubble Free Rigid Or Flexible Domes.


Delo Are A High Quality Manufacturer Of Adhesives, Resins, And Fillers


These Are Chiefly Synthetic Resin Adhesives Which Can Sensitize, Although Fish Glues Generally Do Not

"Dissolvant Resines"

Product Is Designed For Rapid Removal Of Resins And Natural Adhesives Hedge Cutter, Pruning Tool And Any Equipment Affected By Resins

"Dixon Resine"

Dixon Resine Produces And Distributes Materials, Semi-Finished Products And Finished Parts That Are Based On Fluoropolymers And High-Performance Plastics And Are Used In Virtually All Sectors Of Industry In Europe.

"Douglas And Sturgess, Inc"

We Carry Sculpting, And Construction Supplies Ranging From Adhesives And Clays To Fiberglass Resins And Wax

"Dsm Resins U.S., Inc"

Recent Decomplexing Of Product Lines Has Resulted In A Business Focus On Powder Coating Resins, Can And Coil Resins, And Uv Powder Coatings

"Dujodwala Resins And Terpines Ltd"

Manufacturers Of Organic And Inorganic Chemicals Like Rosin, Terpene Chemicals, Camphor And Resins From Mumbai


Nylon Multipolymer Resins Are Thermoplastic Polyamides That Combine The Inherent Toughness Of Nylon With Ease Of Processing In Solvent As Well As Melt Systems

"Eichrom Industries, Inc."

Metals Separations Company Involved In The Fields Of Hydrometallurgy, Ion Exchange Resins, Radionuclides, Dye Removal And Iron Control

"Ekonol Polyester Resins"

Ekonol Polyester Resins Are Homopolymers Based On P-Oxybenzol Repeat Units And Are Linear Thermoplastics.

"Entec Polymers, Llc."

Leading Distributor Of Engineering Resins, Entec Polymers, Llc. Is Your Source For Certified Prime, Virgin, First Quality Products And More Cost Effective Recycled Grades

"Environmental Technology Inc."

Manufacture Of Epoxies,Epoxy Glues,Resins,Finishes,Decoupage Coatings,Soap

"Epic Resins, Inc."

Formulates Epoxy And Polyurethane Adhesives And Potting Compounds

"Epoxies, Etc.."

Epoxies, Etc... Is A Leading Resin Formulator Of Epoxy, Urethane, And Silicone Systems. We Take Great Pride In Our Commitment To The Research, Innovative Development, And Consistent Manufacturing Of Materials For Todays Demanding Applications

"Epoxy Resins"

Supply Epoxy Resin, Epoxy Resin Kits, Adhesives, Fillers, Additives, Fibre Glass Tape, Fibre Glass Fabric, Brushes, Rollers, Latex Gloves Mixing Pots , Mixing Sticks


Producer Of Polypropylene, Oxygenated Chemicals, Performance Polymers, And Wire Cable Resins And Compounds

"Esprit Usa"

"Distributor Of Windshield And Windscreen Repair Systems And Resins; Glass Polishing And Scratch Removal Systems; And Security Etching Equipment"

"Exxonmobil Corp"

Manufacturing Corporation. Its Chemicals Division Produces Polypropylene Resins For Nonwovens Spunbond, Meltblown And Sms Technologies, And Staple Fiber For Thermal Bonding

"Falko International Inc."

Specializes In The Design And Production Of Composite Materials Using Vinylester, Polyester, Epoxy, Glass, Carbon, Aramid And Kevlar Fibers In Vacuum Assisted Processes Like Resin Infusion

"Fbc Chemical Corporation"

Distributor Of Organic Solvents, Epoxy Resins, Hardeners, Industrial Lubricants, And Many Other Chemicals.

"Fibercast Fiberglass Pipe"

Manufacturer Of Piping Systems In Vinyl Ester And Epoxy Resins With A Broad Range Of Corrosion Resistance And Physical Properties

"Fu Yuan Enterprise"

Distributor And Stockist Of Coating And Plastic Chemicals, Resin Raw Materials, And More.

"Global Resins Limited"

Supply Resins, Compounds, Coatings, Linings And Adhesives For Various Applications And Industries Worldwide

"Glotrax Polymers Inc (GPI)"

Manufacturer and supplier of high performance resins and specialty chemicals for a wide range of industries including electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, utilities, composites, signmaking, general manufacturing and more.

"Glue Products Plus"

Epoxies And Resin Products. Spray Equipment- Marine- Industrial- Automotive,Etc

"Goldenwest Mfg., Inc."

Makers Of Casting Resins, Machineable Plastic, And Urethane Foam Board Our Variety Of Plastic Materials Are Used In Every Industry By Designers, Pattern Makers, Machinists And Model Makers

"Gothic Scents Resin Incense"

Incense For The Gothic Premium Hand Made Contains 100% Pure Dragons Blood Resin Myrrh Amber Frankincense And Exotic Woods And Gothic Nag Champa Very Exotic Aromas.

"Gs Manufacturing"

Producing Equipment For Chopper Guns, Fiberglass Reinforcement Plastics, Resin Transfer Molding Systems, Spray Finishing Systems, Gel Coater, Pump Catylist, Silicones, Epoxies

"Gti Engineering, Inc"

Distributors Of Plastic Resins. Across The Midwest And Eastern U.S.

"Gwalior Oil Mills"

From Its Initial Activity Of Oil Seed Crushing, The Group Integrated Into Processed And Pretreated Oils And Finally Into Manufacturing Of Resins

"H.B. Fuller Company"

Manufacturers Of Adhesives, Sealants And Coating Compounds For A Wide Variety Of Industrial And Consumer Applications, Including Nonwoven Hygiene Disposables.

"Hei Mana Creations"

Specializes In Hand-Crafted Resin And Crystal Hawaiian And Polynesian Dolls.

"Helios & Sales"

Alkyd Resins,Polyester Resins,Acrylic Resins,Melamine Resins,Polyols,Etc

"Hindustan Inks & Resins Ltd."

Diverse Interests In Printing Inks, Resins, Adhesives, Wire Enamels And Agrochemicals

"Hwa Seung Corp"

Fabrics For Garments, Upholstery And Toys. Imitation Fur For The Fashion Industry. Woven And Knitted Meshes For The Footwear Industry. Also, Adhesives, Resins And Castable Urethane For Industrial Applications

"Ichemco Srl"

Release St 3 Technical Data Sheet - Ichemco - Printable Release Coat For Pp Adhesive Tapes Is A New Compound Based On Polyamidic Resins

"Idealpoly Corporation"

Idealpoly Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd, The Company Grew Successfully Into The Leading Plastic Resin Supplier In Malaysia.

"Industrial Latex Compounds Limited."

A Wide Range Of Specialist Tailor - Made Products For Industries Including Textile Finishing, Paper Converting, Packaging, Adhesives, Building Products And Coatings.

"Innua Petrochem"

Worldwide Sourcing And Supply Of Pvc Suspension, Emulsion, Mass Resins, And A Full Range Of Plasticizers.

"Insulation Supply Co"

"We Sell: Heat Shrinkable Tubing; Electrical And Thermal Insulated Sleeving; Industrial Identification Products; Fastener And Tying Materials; Connectors; Electronic Wire And Cable; Power Cable Accessories; Adhesive"

"International Gilders Supplies"

"Manufactures And Suppliers Of Quality Dry Pigments,Glues &;Adhesives,Resins,Detergents,Miscellaneous"

"Ion Exchange Resins"

Provides World-Class Ion Exchange Resins To Meet The Needs Of A Broad Base Of Industrial Applications

"Ipn Industries, Inc"

Ipn Develops, Manufactures And Markets Innovative, Non-Polluting Adhesives, Sealants And Encapsulants For Commercial, Industrial And Military Use

"Itw Philadelphia Resins"

Itw Philadelphia Resins Is A Manufacturer Of Highly Specialized Engineered Systems. Utilizing State Of The Art Operational Methodology

"Jeffco Products"

Provide The Highest Quality Products At A Superior Value. Jeffco Is Committed To Providing Unique Solutions For Our Customers Diverse Needs

"Jodan Technology, Inc"

Unique Technology In Uv Curable Epoxide Resins For Adhesive And Coatings Applications

"Kama Corporation"

Custom Extruder Of Plastic Sheet And Film Featuring A Variety Of Resins: Ops, Hdpe, Hips, Pp, Pet, And Others.

"Kama Pigments"

Offers Raw Artist Materials, Including Dry Pigments, Binders, Resins, Waxes, Oils, Glues, Solvents, Graphite Sticks, Oilsticks, And Extra-Greasy Oil Pastels

"Kangnam Chemical Co., Ltd"

Product Line Includes Industrial Phenolic Resin For Shell Molds, Abrasives, Grinding, Adhesives, And More.

"Kaysun Corporation"

Custom Injection Molding And Toolmaking For Close Tolerance Plastic Components Using Engineering Resins.

"Kemco Rubber & Chemical Co."

Distributes A Complete Selection Of Synthetic Rubber, Plastic Resins, Rubber Chemicals, And Fillers To Various Industries

"L.D. Davis Industries, Inc."

Offers A Broad Product Line For Most The Davis Sales/Service Representative Will Help You Choose The Right Product.


Company Lavesan Has Been Operating, With A Great Success, Improving And Increasing The Production Of Specific Materials For Most Of The Industrial Processing In The Realization Of Manufactures In Plastic

"Lawter International, Inc."

Manufactures Synthetic And Hydrocarbon Resins, Ink Vehicles, Waxes, Aqueous Coatings, And Acrylic Resins.

"Lenox Polymers Ltd.,"

Commercialized Proprietary Technology To Produce Specialty Performance Resins Using Pulp Mill Waste As A Primary Material Resource


Insulation And Conduction Products,Tapes, Resin, Hot Melt, Silicone.. For Emi/Rfi, Electronic Assemblies & Protection

"Lewcott Corporation"

A Supplier Of A Wide Range Of Functional Materials Used In Four Major Industries: Filtration, Composites, Abrasives, And Resins

"Liquid Resins International"

Liquid Resins Products Are High In Quality, Low In Price, And There

"M.A. Hanna Company"

Distributor Of Major Brands Of Plastic Resin , Polyethylene , Styrene , Nylon And More

"Magnolia Plastics Inc"

Manufactures Engineering Thermoplastics, Engineering Resins, And Polycarbonate Resins.

"Maris Polymers"

Adhesive Used In The Manufacture Of Air & Oil Car Filters And Industrial Filters


Chemical Industry Polymer Resins And Urethane Polymers.

"Mitsui Chemicals America, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Chemicals And Intermediates, Specialty Polymers And Engineering Plastics, Functional Materials, Electronic Materials, And Admer Adhesive Resin.

"Mitsui Chemicals, Inc."

By Providing High-Quality Products And Services To Through Innovations And Creations Of Materials

"Multi-Seals Inc.,"

Manufacturer Of Uni-Forms Epoxy Preforms: One-Part, Solid Epoxy Resins For Sealing And Bonding Electronic, Fiber-Optic, Automotive, And Other Electromechanical

"Nalco Chemical Co"

Manufacturers, Active In A Variety Of Industrial Spheres. Resins And Processing Chemicals For The Textile, Nonwovens And Papermaking Industries.

"Nanhai Nanguang Resin Manufacture Co., Ltd."

Products Include Normal Adhesive, Pu, Cr Adhesive, Primer, Leather Coatings User For Shoe-Making

"National Starch And Chemical Co"

Specializing In Polymer Technology. Products Include Adhesives, Resins, Emulsions, Specialty Polymers, And Food And Industrial Starches

"National Starch And Chemical Company"

A Global Leader In Natural And Synthetic Polymer Technology For Adhesives, Resins And Specialty Chemicals, Electronic And Engineering Materials, Food And Industrial Starches

"Native American Tree Resin, Inc."

Offering Natural Products For Allergies, Stress Management, Digestive Health, Skin Care, And More.

"Nautilus Imports & Exports"

Featuring Stone And Resin Sculptures, Stone And Pottery Teapots, Collectors Cabinets, And Candles.

"Neste Chemicals Uk Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Adhesive Resins, Oxo Intermediates, Unsaturated Polyesters And Gelcoats And Sb Latexes

"Neste Resins North America"

A Responsible World Class Developer And Manufacturer Of Adhesives And Resins

"No Flow In Flow"

Manufacturer Of High Resin Manhole Covers That Eliminate Sheet Flow Of Rain Water Into The Sanitary Sewer System.

"Ocm Test Laboratory, Inc."

Specializing In Testing Of Plastics, Composites, Resins, Polymers, And Other Non-Metallics

"Orthos Liquid Systems, Inc"

Orthos Resin Traps Are Like The Insurance You Have On Yourself, Your Business And Your Home

"Oxford Polymers"

Specialty Manufacturer And Distributor Of A Variety Of Engineering-Grade Resins Based In Middletown, Connecticut.

"Paper Ships Books And Crystals"

Offering Titles On Spirituality, Metaphysics Healing, Extraterrestrials, And More. Also Sells Native American Music, Herbs, Resins And Smoking Mixes


High Performance, Environmentally Sensitive Dust Suppressant And Soil Stabilizer, Made From A Petroleum Resin.

"Perma Enterprise Co Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Diving Equipment, Glue, Adhesives, Sealants, Waterproof Goods.Diving Equipment, Mask, Snorkel, Knife, Fins, Diving Collection Glue, Instant Adhesives, Anaerosic Adhesives, Epoxy Resin Adhesives Silicone Adhesives, Silioone Oil/Grease.

"Pidilite Industries Ltd."

Manufacturing Adhesives, Industrial Resins, Pigments, Surfactants, Organic Intermediates, Petrochemicals And Computer Software

"Plastics Group Of America"

Manufacturer, Compounder, Recycler And Supplier Of Thermoplastic Resins


Custom Formulators Of A Wide Variety Of Resin Systems, Epoxy, Ultraviolet, Waterbased, Adhesives, Potting, Coatings, And Inks For Industrial Applications

"Polychem Usa"

Recycles Thermoplastic Materials As Well As Buys Surplus, Regrind, Repro, Scrap, And Off-Grade Resins From The Plastic Industry.

"Polymer Engineering Inc."

A Design, Consulting And Manufacturing Company Specializing In The Packaging Of Liquid Resins, Adhesives And Lubricants, As Well As Customers Components


Producer Of Flexible Mold Rubbers And Rigid Casting Resins. Offer A Complete Line Of Moldmaking And Casting Materials.

"Prime Resins"

A Complete Line Of Chemical Grout Epoxy Resin Products Providing Infrastructure Repair Solutions Around The World. Specializing In Concrete Repairs, Water Infiltration, Sewer And Manhole Rehab

"Prototype & Plastic Mold Company, Inc"

Over 30 Years Experience Molding Exotic And Difficult Resins Has Made Us The Molder Of Choice For Many Fortune 500 Corporations.

"Quem Commercial Inc."

Distributor Of Resins, Pigments, Additives, Driers, Solvents And Fillers.


Group Of Companies Involved In Trading, Small-Scale Manufacturing And Indenting. Dealing In Plastic Resins, Petrochemicals, Cotton Yarn, Computer Systems, Etc.


A Manufacturer Of Color Concentrates In A Wide Variety Of Solvent And Water Reducible Resins For Automotive Finishes, Lacquers, Adhesives

"Redox Chemicals Pty Ltd"

Supplier Of Organic And Inorganic Chemicals Including Solvents, Resins, Salts, Acids, Alkalies, Metal Powders, Vegetable Oils, Surface Active Agents, Pesticides And Pigments

"Reichhold Chemicals"

A Leading Manufacturer Of Polyester Resins, Adhesives, Latex Emulsions, And Coating Resins.

"Resin Grinders Of America Inc."

Specializes In Recycling Plastic For The Rotational Molding Industry

"Resin Technology, Llc"

Resin Technologys Principals Have Over 20 Years Of Pvc Resin And Compound Technical & Marketing Management Expertise

"Resinall Corporation"

Manufacturer Of Hydrocarbon Resins, Straight And Modified Rosin Esters, And Specialty Co-Reaction Hybrids And Combinations

"Resinas Sinteticas"

Resins For The Adhesives, Beverages, Chewing Gum, Rubber, Ink And Paper Industries

"Revertex Finewaters Sdn Bhd"

Thermoplastic Resins Are Widely Used In The Road-Marking Industry E.G. Marking Of Trunk Roads, Highways And Airports.

"Ricon Resins, Inc."

An International Supplier Of Specialty Resins -- Leads In The Manufacture Of Liquid Polybutadiene-Based Polymers In North America

"Rl Lucas, Inc."

A Specially Formulated Polymer Emulsion Used In All Aqua-Resin Mixes

"Rohm And Haas Co"

Manufacturing Company, Active In The Paint, Adhesives And Cleaning Products Industries, Construction And Building Materials, And Electronic Components. Acrylic Resins For The Textiles And Nonwovens Industries


Manufactures Orthopaedic Bandages And Sheets Made Of A Unique And Patented Thermoplastic Resin With A Cotton Support

"Sapici Products"

Resins, Catalysts, Additives For Every Type Of Paint, With One Or Two Components, And For The Widest Variety Of Sectors

"Sartomer Company, Inc."

Manufacturing And Marketing Specialty Chemicals, Including Monomers, Oligomers, Uv Photoinitiators, Hydrocarbon Resins And Pigments. Markets Include Coatings, Inks, Adhesives, Intermediates And Rubber

"Seegott, Inc."

Distributor Of Resins, Pigments And Dyes, Extenders And Fillers, Rubber And Plastics, And Additives

"Semicon Tools, Inc."

Diamond Blades And Accessroies For Automatic Dicing Machines. Resin Bonded And Nickel Plated Blades For Cutting Silicon, Alumina, Gaas, And Quartz

"Shanghai Shengxing Resin Paint Factory"

Manufacturer Of China Paint, China Coating, Emulsion Paint, And Antifouling Paint

"Shell Chemical Company"

Producer Of Olefins, Aromatics, Detergent Alcohols, Thermoplastic Rubber, Resins, Polyethylene Terepthalate And Oxygenated/Hydrocarbon Solvents

"Shopman Incorporated"

Supplier Of Fiberglass And Composite Materials, Including Epoxy Resins, Carbon & Graphite Fiber, Gelcoats, Urethane Foam And Moldmaking Rubbers

"Silikal Resin Systems"

Manufactures Quick-Cure Mma-Based Resin Technologies Including Flooring Systems, Concrete Restoration Materials, Road Markings, And Cast And Tooling Applications.

"Sitco Importing"

Manufacturer And Importer Of Dollar Store Giftware Including Poly-Resin, Porcelain, Ceramics, Spun Glass, Clocks, And Figurines

"Solutia Inc."

Sells A Line Of Specialty Resins Used In The Manufacture Of Thermoset Paints And Coatings, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Paper Coatings

"Special Electric Company"

Sells Insulation, Resins, Tubing, Laminates, Tapes, Fabrication, Assembly, Sprays And Coatings

"Sra International"

Synthetic Resins And Adhesives (Sra) International Is A Manufacturer Of A Variety Of Thermosetting Resins, Adhesives And Poly Vinyl Acetate Polymers Which Are Used Mainly In The Wood Processing Applications.

"Sreechem Resins Limited"

Sreechem Is One Of The Market Leaders In Phenolic Resins Manufacturing In India With More Than 10 Year Working Experience And With 30 Years Technological Experience

"St. John Associates, Inc"

Manufacturers Of Fluorometers, Luminometers, Amino Acid Analyzers, Cation Exchange Resins, Chromatography Columns, And Peptide Flask Shakers.

"Sterling Technology Limited"

We Are The Uk Market Leader For Insulating Resins And Varnishes For The Electrical, Electronic And Associated Industries

"Sun Medical"

Dental Adhesive Systems, Composite Resins, Desensitizers And Dental Supplies

"Sunlife Systems International, Inc."

Manufactures Elastomeric Roofing Systems Using Acrylic Resins

"Supply Furan Resin"

Our Main Products Are Various Air-Sot Mold Furan Resins, Different Gr-Ades Nitrogen And Various Benzene Sulfuric Acids Firming Agents For Casting

"Suqing Group"

Manufactures Ion Exchange Resins And Water Treatment Equipment, And Offers A Full Set Of Water Treatment Engineering Services

"Synair Corporation"

Mold Making, Resin Casting And Flat Proofing, To Polyurethane Based In-Mold Paints, Adhesives, Binders, Release Agents And Much More.

"Synthetic Resins And Adhesives"

A Manufacturer Of A Variety Of Thermosetting Resins, Adhesives And Poly Vinyl Acetate Polymers Which Are Used Mainly In The Wood Processing Applications.

"System Three Resins"

Product And Application Information/Education For Use Of Epoxy Resin Adhesives, Compounds And Coatings

"Takemoto Oil & Fat Co"

Manufactures Sesame Seed Oil, And Chemicals For Agriculture, Textiles And Synthetic Resins

"Tarapur Coatings & Adhesives Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturers Of Polyurethane Resins, Coatings, Adhesives & Speciality Chemicals

"Ten Ko Chemical & Plastics Co., Ltd."

A Professional Factory For Cyanoacrylate Adhesive,Super Glue,Hot Melt Adhesives,Epoxy Resins ,Hardeners ,Floor Coatings In Taiwan

"Texas Resins"

Texas Resins Corporation Foundation Support Systems For The Oil, Gas, And Chemical Processing Equiptment. Chemical Resistant Coatings For Concrete Foundation Systems For Rotating Equiptment

"Texas Resins Corporation"

Manufacturerer Of Epoxy Grouts, Chocks And Coatings For The Oil, Gas And Petrochemical Industries

"The Chemical Company"

Producer And Distributor Of Chemicals, Solutions, Resins, And Vitamins.

"The Chemical Company, T"

Producer And Distributor Of Chemicals, Solutions, Resins, And Vitamins.

"The Dow Chemical Company"

Dow Manufactures And Supplies Chemicals, Plastics, And Agricultural Products For Customers In 164 Countries. Dow Is A Primary Supplier Of Resins To The Cipp Pipe Rehabilitation Industry

"The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company"

Wingtack Resins Were The First Commercially Available High Quality Tackifying And Modifying Resins

"The P.D. George Company"

- Supplier Of Specialty Polymers, Varnishes, Adhesives, And Resins For Application In The Electronic Industries.

"The Resinkit"

Promoted By The Society Of Plastic Engineers, Helps You To Identify Unknown Plastic Resins Through A Step-By-Step Process Of Elimination


Our Mission Is To Develop A Position As A Leading Supplier Of Thermoplastic Resins To The Various End Use Markets Which Consume Thermoplastic Engineering Materials

"Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd"

Manufactures And Markets Industrial Chemicals For The Plastics, Paints, Resin Industries, And Additives For The Food And Feed Industry

"Thordon Bearings Inc."

Elastomeric Bearings Made From Thermosetting Resins Which Are Three Dimensional, Cross-Linked Condensation Polymers.

"Tipco Industries Ltd."

Plastics Raw Material Manufacturing Company Also Produces Thermoset Resins And Moulding Powders.

"True Time Industrial Corporation"

Specialized Manufacturer Of Hardener For Epoxy Resins,Products Include Hardeners Of Polyamide Resin And Modified Amine Resin

"U.S. Adhesives"

Is A Manufacturer And Formulator Of A Wide Range Of Adhesives Including Hot Melt, Water Based Resins, Dextrine And Animal Glues.

"Union Carbide"

Cycloaliphatic Epoxide Resins And Photoinitiators For Adhesives,


Manufacturing And Distribution Of Epoxy Resins, Hardeners, Reactive Diluents And Adhesive Promoters. Innovative Solutions For The Industry

"Uvitron International Inc."

Designs And Manufactures Affordable Ultraviolet Light Systems For Curing Of Uv Adhesives, Coatings, Paints And Resins.

"Valspar Refinish, Inc."

Valspar Is A Manufacturer Of Coatings And Resins Specifically Developed To Meet Our Customers Individual Needs

"Vantico Inc."

Vantico Manufactures Epibond And Epocast Epoxy Adhesives And Laminating Resins, In Addition To Uralane Urethane Adhesives

"Vianova Resins"

The Leading Company In The Field Of Liquid Coating Resins, Powder Coating Resins,Technical Resins, Printing Ink Resins,Etc

"Viking Plastics Ltd"

For The Purpose Of Supplying Superior Fibreglass Materials, Epoxies, Rubber Mold Supplies And Casting Resins To Frp Shop

"Wessex Resins And Adhesives Ltd"

Wessex Resin Manufacture West System Epoxy, Pro-Set Composite Laminating Epoxy, Copperbot 2000, And Many Other Formulated Epoxies For Boatbuilding, Grp Structures And Coating, Bonding And Filling Almost Any Material

"Western Reserve Chemical Corporation"

Improves Tensile Strength And Hardness Of Elastomer. Modifier For Shoe Sole Compounds And Other Molded Rubber Goods.

"White River Foundry"

Full Service Foundry And Atelier Casting Bronze, Aluminum, Resins, And Fortonmg. Sculpture Commissions For Companies, Architects And Individuals

"Windshield Repair Warehouse"

Sells Liquid Resins, Repair Kits, Drills, And More Was Created To Supply High Quality Products To Windshield Repair Professionals


Diversified, Multi-National Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer. Resins And Chemicals For Nonwovens Processing

"Zircon Corporation"

Supplier Of Resins For Cold-Cure Glass Lamination, Ultra-Violet Curable Coatings, And Specialty Additives For The Plastics Industry

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