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"Able Industrial Products Inc."
Sealants, Waterbased Adhesives,Rubber, Gasket, Adhesive,Fastbond, Industrial, Scotch Grip, Plastic,Tapes Etc Are All There.

"Ablestik Electronic Materials & Adhesives"

Manufacturer Of Adhesives For The Semiconductor, Computer, Communications, And Military/Aerospace Markets.

"Active Trimming Co "

"General Purpose Water-Base White Glue Is Odorless And Non-Toxic Dries Clear; 2 Oz., 4 Oz., And 8 Oz. Squeeze Bottles."

"Adhesive Systems Technology"

- Maker Of Machinery That Mixes And Dispenses Materials Such As Acrylic, Silicone, Epoxy, Polysulphide And Urethane.

"Adhesive Systems, Inc"

Is A Full Line Manufacturer Of Adhesives For Consumer And Industrial Packaging. Hot Melt, Water Based And Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Products

"Adhesives And Sealants Ltd"

Manufactures Mdi Polyurethane Adhesives, Coatings, And Binders, And Rigid Pu/Pir Foam And Pur Hotmelt Adhesives

"Alfa Adhesives, Inc."

The Simalfa Range Of Water-Borne Adhesives Has Been Designed To Be Simple In Use, Deliver The Necessary Tack For Quick Spray And Stick Applications And Conform To Changing Environmental Regulations.

"American Chemical Inc,."

We Can Handle All Of Your Water Based Needs From Brush To Extrusion Like Case And Carton Sealing - Resin And Dextrin,Pressure Sensitive,Labeling - Resin And Dextrin Etc

"American Chemical, Inc."

Manufacturers Of Glue: Hot Melts, Cyanoacrylates, Epoxies, Urethanes, Silicones, Water-Based, Spray Adhesives. Also Degreasers And Lubricants.

"Axson -"

Specializes In Four Divisions: Tooling And Prototyping, Composites, Adhesives, And Dialectric Technologies.

"Aztex Enterprises"

The Last 3 Years Aztex Has Expanded To Include Selling Candle Making Accessories. Featuring Such Items As Dyes And Fragrances, Additives, Glazes, And Soap

"Basic Adhesive Inc."

Basic Adhesives Specializes In Industrial Water-Based And Solvent-Based Adhesives. Most Of Our Products Are Environmentally Friendly And Many Are Approved For Food Packaging Applications.

"Chase Corporation"

Manufacture Insulating And Semiconducting Electrical Cable Tape Wrappings And Filling Compounds, Anti-Corrosion Mastics, Adhesives, Reinforced Rubber And Asphalt Tapes And Bridge Deck Corrosion Barrier Membranes.

"Chembond Adhesives, Inc."

0003 Is A Low Viscosity Adhesive Especially Effective On Difficult To Bond Substrates When Good Specific Adhesion And Minimal Water Content Are Advantageous. Contains 65% Solids

"Choksey Chemicals Pvt. Ltd."

Product Range Includes Sealants, Waterproof Coatings, Water Repellents, Tile Adhesives, Concrete Admixtures, Specialty Coatings,

"Consolidated Adhesives, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Cost-Effective High-Quality Industrial Adhesives. Water-Based Adhesives For Floors, Perfect Binding, Bottle Labeling, Cigarette, Lamination, Packaging, Printing, Paper & Others.

"Datco Inc."

Manufactures Hot-Melt Glue Roll Applicators And Other Application Devices

"Dussek Campbell Applied Wax Technologies"

International Supplier Of Speciality Waxes And Services, For The Ink, Textile, Corrugated, Board Sizing And Candle Industries

"Dyna-Tech Adhesives, Inc."

"It Is A Manufacturer Of Environmentally Friendly,Water-Based; Pressure Sensitive Adhesives."

"Engineered Materials Systems, Inc."

Custom Formulator And Manufacturer Of Structural Adhesives, Coatings, Potting, Encapsulating, And Thermal Management Compounds

"Epic Resins, Inc."

The Finest Epoxy And Polyurethane Products As A Leading Formulator, Manufacturer And Service-Oriented Supplier Of Epoxy And Urethane Structural Adhesives, Potting Compounds, Encapsulants And Coatings


Epoxies, Etc... Is A Leading Resin Formulator Of Epoxy, Urethane, And Silicone Systems

"Epoxy Technology, Inc. -"

Engineered Epoxies And Adhesives For Semiconductors, Fiber Optics, And Microelectronics.

"Everstrong Stationery Company"

Offers General Office Stationery Including Glue Sticks, Sticker Signs, Card Stand, And More.

"Factor Ii, Inc."

There Are Two Manufacturers Of Water-Based Adhesives That Factor Ii, Inc. Chooses To Carry. Both Are High Quality Adhesives. Again, Your Choice Of Adhesive Should Be Based Your Application.

"Felpro Restech"

- Information Source For Embedment (Encapsulation And Potting Compounds, Impregnating Varnishes) And Adhesives For Your Electronic And Electrical Devices


We Are A Professional Manufacture & Exporter Of Hot Melt Glue. We Provide A Wide Range Of Glue Sticks & Pellets For Various Applications

"Hard Wax"

Candles, Candle Holders And Candle Supplies Direct From A Large Candle Manufacturers In The United States

"Hot Melt Adhesives"

Maker Of Eva And Polyethylene, Hot Melt Adhesives And Reinforcing Strings And Tape.

"Imapct Adhesives"

High Quality Wood Bonding Adhesive Is Suitable For Both Hard And Soft Wood Giving High Strength On Close Fitting Bonds. It Has An Open Time Of 1o To 25 Minutes And A High Solids Content. W2000 Is Recommended For Internal Use Only .

"Indian Wax Industries"

Manufacturer Of A Wide Variety Of Wax Candles, Indian Wax Industries , The Biggest Organisation In Manufacturing Candles

"Inwah Pte Ltd"

Manufacturers Of Glue: Hot Melts, Cyanoacrylates, Epoxies, Urethanes, Silicones, Water-Based, Spray Adhesives. Also Degreasers And Lubricants

"Itw Plexus"

"Manufactures Adhesives For Structural Bonding Of Most Thermoplastics, Metals, And Composite Materials; Specializes In The Transportation, Marine, And Engineering Construction Industries."

"Kama Pigments"

Offers Raw Artist Materials, Including Dry Pigments, Binders, Resins, Waxes, Oils, Glues, Solvents, Graphite Sticks, Oilsticks, And Extra-Greasy Oil Pastels

"Kangnam Chemical Co., Ltd"

- Product Line Includes Industrial Phenolic Resin For Shell Molds, Abrasives, Grinding, Adhesives, And More

"Master Adhesives, Inc."

Our Line Of Water-Based And Hot Melt Adhesives Has Evolved Through Decades Of Developing Products For Specialty Applications, Such As Collating ,Case Sealing ,Laminating ,Book Binding Etc.

"Master Adhesives, Inc."

We Manufacture, Sell And Distribute Water-Based And Hot Melt Adhesives,Fiber Optic Cable Filling Compounds,Industrial Coatings,Etc.

"National Starch And Chemical Co"

Specializing In Polymer Technology. Products Include Adhesives, Resins, Emulsions, Specialty Polymers, And Food And Industrial Starches

"Nbond Company, Llc"

Manufacturer Of Thermoset Polymer Adhesives Designed To Bond Polypropylene Or Polyethylene.

"Neste Resins North America"

A Responsible World Class Developer And Manufacturer Of Adhesives And Resins

"New Dimensions Housekeeping Service"

Manufacturer Of Chemical Products To Clean Graffiti, Remove Adhesives, Degrease, And More.

"Nusil Technology"

Manufacturers Standard And Custom Silicone Materials Such As Adhesives, Gels, Elastomers, Dispersions, Fluids, Coatings And Primers

"Pack-Mark Shipping Supplies, Inc"

From Squeeze Bottles And Pressure Tanks For Cold Water Based Adhesives To Hot Melt Glue Guns.

"Paramold Manufacturing, Ltd "

Our Long And Successful History As A Manufacturer, Refiner, Custom Blender And Packager Of Industrial Waxes Is Our Foundation.

"Pidilite Industries Ltd."

Manufacturing Adhesives, Industrial Resins, Pigments, Surfactants, Organic Intermediates, Petrochemicals And Computer Software


Custom Formulators Of A Wide Variety Of Resin Systems, Epoxy, Ultraviolet, Waterbased, Adhesives, Potting, Coatings, And Inks For Industrial Applications

"Rcd Corporation"

A Water Based Insulation Adhesive With High Solids Content. Great Peel Strength, Fast Tack And Drying. Non-Flammable Wet Or Dry. Doesnt Re-Emulsify When Cured.


Reichhold Provides Advanced Polymers, Adhesives And Polymer Systems Based Upon The Most Comprehensive Technology Found In A Single Company In The Industry

"Resinas Sinteticas"

Resins For The Adhesives, Beverages, Chewing Gum, Rubber, Ink And Paper Industries

"Revertex Finewaters Sdn. Bhd."

Manufactures Industrial Adhesives, Including Starch, Dextrin, Latex, Casein, Pva, Eva, And Hot Melt

"Rohm America"

Provides Methacrylic Monomers And Polymers For Pharmaceutical Coatings, Adhesives, And Other Items.

"Scioline Solda S.N."

Cream Wax For Cold Application (Requires No Ironing), Applies In Seconds With The Included Sponge. Fluorinated Formula Guarantees Excellent Water Repellence, Dirt Resistance And Superb Speed

"Slocum Adhesives Corporation"

The Types Of Products We Manufacturing Are Water-Based Latex Adhesives Like Polychloroprene,Polyurethane Resin,Pva Emulsion, Natural Rubber,Cellulosic Adhesive Etc.

"Star Technology, Inc."

Custom Formulator And Manufacturer Of Epoxy, Urethane, And Acrylic Adhesives And Coatings For Use In Two Part, Single Part And Uv Cured Adhesives And Coatings.

"Stauf Klebstoffwerk Gmbh Siegen"

Wood Floor Adhesives Are Available As Very Low Emission Water Based Products (For Health And Environmental Protection),), Urethane Based And Solvent Based

"Surface Coatings Association Australia Inc"

Developing The Science, Technology And Management Of The Coatings Industry - Paints, Printing Inks, Adhesives And Cosmetics

"The Chicago Glue & Supply Co., Inc"

We Offer A Large Selection Of Glue Sticks To Meet All Your Needs Our Selection Of Sizes And Glue Types Is One Of The Best In The Business

"The Wax House Corp."

Offer The Largest Selection Of Candlemaking Supplies Available

"U.S. Adhesives"

Is A Manufacturer And Formulator Of A Wide Range Of Adhesives Including Hot Melt, Water Based Resins, Dextrine And Animal Glues.

"Universal Supply Co."

Supplier Of Adhesive, Mounting Pads, Threaded Studs, Rivets, Double Stick Tapes, Toggle Switches And More.

"Waxent Replica Wax Seal"

Offering Beautiful Replicas Of A Real Wax Seal, With Your Initial, Monogram Or Design On It

"Waxing Manufactories Corp."

Manufacturer In China Of That Garden Products, Household Electrical Appliances, And Lighting Products

"Wikki Stix"

Wikki Stix One-Of-A-Kind Creatables Are Sold In Specialty Toy Stores, Educational Supply Stores And Selected Catalogs. They Are Manufactured Entirely In The Usa By Omnicor, Inc

"Wood -N- Crafts Inc"

Rainerd Hardware Hinge Hinges Pull Pulls Drawer Antique Brass Snap Catch Padlock Key Keys Corner Corners Double Acting Hinge Hook All

"Workrite Inc"

Sets Water Base Glues In Seconds. Bonds Wood, Plastic And All Non-Metallic Parts In 5-8 Seconds. Clamp Up Your Project, Spot Weld Between Clamps Then Release Clamps. Welded Area Is Equal To A 30 Minute Set.

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