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"A & W Products"
Produces Paraffin Wax Emulsions For Specialized Purposes Including Wood Products, Textile, Latex, Paint, And Coatings.

"Abril Industrial Waxes"

The Different Waxes Avaliable Are Dry Wax,Low Melting Wax,Amide Ester Wax,High Melting Wax,Wax Alloys Etc.

"Airmax, Inc."

Producers Of Fastmax Is A Very Powerful But Gentle Cleaner.Maxwax A Long-Lasting, High Performance Wax Is Also Avaliable.

"Aluwax Dental Products"

Aluwax Dental Products Company Produces Dental Bite And Impression Waxes That Come In Wax Only Forms And, Waxed Cloth Forms, Which Deliver Accuracy

"Arasan Match Industries"

Manufactures And Exports Household, Vesta, Wax, And Windproof Matches.

"Asi Car Care"

Presents Proshine Wash & Wax Liquid, A Concentrated Blend Of Cleaning Agents And Surfactants Embedded With A Protective Wax.

"Astor Corporation"

Developer, Producer And Marketer Of Specialty Waxes, Adhesives And Sealants

"Aztex Wax And Candle Store"

Waxes, Dyes, Fragrances, Glazes, And Additive Products. Also Sells Carved, Molded, And Thematic Candles.

"Bees Wax,"

Online Ording Of Bees Wax, Honey, Candle Wax, Bee Supplies And Many Candies Made From Hone

"Blended Waxes, Inc"

Manufactures Industrial Wax Products, Products Include: Investment Casting Wax, Candle Wax, Bottle Sealing Wax, Cheese Wax, Extrusions, Theraputic Wax,Etc

"Briwax Woodcare Products"

We Specialize In Briwax Woodcare Products. Briwax Products Are For Fine Furniture, Antiques, Unfinished Furniture And Fine Wood Crafts.

"C.J. Robinson Company, Inc."

It Is A Blender And Marketer Of A Broad Range Of Petroleum Based Waxes And Oils. These Products Are Available Worldwide And For A Variety Of End Use Applications.

"Candle And Gift Factory Outlet, Inc."

Candle & Gift Factory Outlet, Everything Wax And More.Specially Blended Wax That You Have Purchased From The Candle & Gift Factory Outlet To The Highest Quality Cosmetic Grade Fragrance

"Candle Wax Company"

Suppliers Of Candles And Candle Accessories - A Brief Selection Of Some Of Our Top Products

"Cirepil Wax"

Manufacturer Of Depilatory Wax Products For Hair Removal

"Crippled Dick Hot Wax"

Home Of All The Sleazy, Raunchy And Erotic Music And Movies, Including Vampyros Lesbos, Lydia Lunch, Plainfield, And More.

"Dj Bambi"

Mixing Wax Tastefully From Downtempo Acid-Jazz To Detroit Techno Via Chicago House. Online Mixes

"Dr. Wax"

New And Used Records, Cds And Collectibles

"Dussek Campbell Applied Wax Technologies"

Specialty Blender And Broker Of Petroleum Waxes For The Candle, Paperboard, Textiles, Construction, Adhesives And Pharmaceutical Industries.

"Dussek Campbell Limited"

When It Comes To Outstanding Service, Product Variety And The Utmost In Quality, Dussek Campbells Applied Wax Technologies Division Is Your Best Source For Wax.

"Fast Draw"

Combines A Well Tuned Single-Action Revolver, Full-Powder Blanks Or Wax Bullets, And A Lightning Quick Draw To Create The Fastest Timed Sport In The World

"Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Wash"

Helps Remove Surface-Borne Contaminants Such As Dirt, Wax, Chemicals, Pesticides, And Bacteria.

"Gold N Wax"

Offers Casting Services In Precious Metals For The Jewelry Trade, Specializing In Casting With Your Gold, Hundreds Of Mountings

"Hinco Group"

Supplier Of Slack Wax, Base Oil, Paraffin Wax, Petrochemicals, And Ready-Made Candles

"Hot Pepper Wax Inc"

Hot Pepper Wax Controls And Repels Insects On Fruits & Vegetables Right Through Harvest Day. It Protects Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Trees & Shrubs, Even Citrus, For Up To 2 Weeks Or Longer


Our Waxes Cover A Wide Range Of Industrial Needs Like Packaging,Comunications,Paints,Polishes,Candles,Cosmetics Etc.

"Indian Wax Industries"

Manufacturers, Importers & Exprters Of Silverlight Candles, Elephant Brand Sealing Wax Etc.

"J & N Sales, Inc."

Selling Pure Bees Wax For Candles And Lubricants

"Jackass Wax"

Formulated To Remove Water Spots From Paint, Glass, Chrome, And Plexiglas

"Jamestowne Wax Co., Inc."

Makes Furniture, Silver, Brass, And Copper Polishes. Also Makes Cabinet And Panel Cleaner And Lemon Oil For Wooden Antiques


Distributor And Manufacturer Of Ski Products, Such As Adidas X-C Boots, V2 Roller Skis, Star Ski Wax, Sinisalo Gloves, V2 Ski Poles And Accessories.

"Jhajharia Group"

Manufacturer Of Of Industrial Waxes Including Microcrystalline Cellulose Powder And Paraffin Wax

"Kama Pigments"

Offers Raw Artist Materials, Including Dry Pigments, Binders, Resins, Waxes, Oils, Glues, Solvents, Graphite Sticks, Oilsticks, And Extra-Greasy Oil Pastels.

"Koster Keunen, Inc."

Synthetic Wax,Custom Synthesized Waxes,Polyethylene Waxes,Emulsifying Wax Are The Different Waxes Avaliable Here.


The Leily Cold Wax System Is One Of The Most Advanced, Professional Methods Of Waxing Available Today

"Michelman, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Waterbased Coatings For Paper And Paperboard, And Wax Emulsions And Dispersions For Industrial Coatings And Finishes

"Moonlight Candles"

Moonlight Candles Candle Kandies Handmade Wax Potpourri Is A Collection Of Fine Scented Candles That Create Gourmet Scent-Sations

"Moore & Munger Marketing, Inc."

A World Leader In The Development And Marketing Of High Quality Wax Products From A Variety Of Sources

"Movieland Wax Musem"

Movieland Highlights The History Of Entertainment, From Films Earliest Stars To Televisions Latest Celebrities


Manufacturer Of Candelilla, Petroleum, Synthetic, And Other Waxes.

"Murphy Oil Soap"

Use On Finished And Painted Wood, No-Wax Floors, Ceramic Tile, Painted Surfaces, Laundry Stains, And Vinyl.

"Northwest Builders Network"

Bekos Furniture Paste Wax,Bivos Oil Wax Are The Different Kinds Of Waxes Avaliable Here.


Produces Polyethylene Waxes For Uses In Many Industries Including Hot Melt Adhesives, Fruit Coating, Printing Inks, Cable Filling, Textiles, And More

"Rabbit Wax"

Manufactures Detailing, Car Washing, And Industrial Products.

"Swix Wax Wizard"

N The Mid-Thirties Production Of Ski-Wax Was An Obscure Industry

"The Swordmark Company"

We Import Our Sealing Wax From Scotland To Add A Touch Of Old World Class To Snailmail Correspondence

"The Wax House"

Variety Of Molds, Waxes, Additives, Dyes, And Starter Kits

"Turtle Wax"

Car Care Maintenance Waxes, Polishes, & Cleaners Available. Auto Detailing Center Illustrating Washing & Waxing

"Venture Chemicals, Inc."

Produces A Line Of Air-Oxidized Oils And Waxes,Mixtures Of Organic Acids, Esters, Oxy-Acids, Lactones And Other Oxygenated Organics,Etc

"Wakes Waxes"

Waxes And Tools By Mail-Order Service,Coated Card Allows Liquid Wax To Move, Producing Wonderful Effects,Etc

"Wax Bytes."

Collinite Has Provided Detailers, Automotive & Motorcycle Perfectionists, The Marine, Aeronautical, And Recreational Vehicle Industries Quality Products Designed To Give The Highest Level Of Protection Available

"Wax City"

"Djs On-Line Source For Music On Wax. Large Selection Of New 12"" Vinly With Real Audio Clips."

"Wax Fun Corporation"

Wax Fun Has Developed A Two Piece Portable System For Making Wax Hands Which Has The Capacity To Produce 70 Hands An Hour

"Wax N More"

Offering Corporate, Collegiate, And Party Entertainment Services, Games, And Crafts.

"Wax Nostalgia"

We Sell Collectibles & Special Occasion Gifts Village Candles Novelty Candles Wedding & Childrens Candles

"Wax Orchards"

Fruit-Sweetened, Fat-Free Products Include Chocolate Fudge Sauces, Preserves, Condiments, And Natural Sweeteners. Retailer Locations

"Wax Workshop"

Offers A Range Of Products Including Scented, Floating, And Church Candles, Tapers, Pillars And Balls, Accessories, Candlemaking Kits, And More

"Whiteley Industries"

Manufacturers Of Cleaning Chemicals Including Polish, Disinfectant, Detergent, Wax, Reodourant, Degreaser, And Carpet Cleaning Chemicals.

"Wizardry In Wax"

Handmade Candles In A Variety Of Shapes, Finishes, Colors, And Scents

"Worshipful Company Of Wax Chandlers"

Maintains Links With The Wax And Beekeeping Industries, Administers Educational And Training Charities, And Offers Room Hire In The Guilds Hall.

"Zardoz Ski Wax"

Notwax Is A Slippery Space Age Lubricant From Duponttm. It Is An Inert, Non-Toxic, Teflontm-Like Liquid That Wipes Easily Onto The Base Of All Skis Or Boards Instead Of Wax. It

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