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"Abatron, Inc."
"Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings, Chemical Specialties; Epoxy, Polyurethane, And Other Resins."

"Ablestik Electronic Materials & Adhesives"

- Manufacturer Of Adhesives For The Semiconductor, Computer, Communications, And Military/Aerospace Markets.

"Adhesive Specialities Ltd"

Adhesive Specialities - Distributes Self-Adhesive Tapes For The Glazing, Electrical, And Insulation Industries. Also Manufactures The Tickitape Range

"Adhesive Systems Technology"

Adhesive Systems Technology - Maker Of Machinery That Mixes And Dispenses Materials Such As Acrylic, Silicone, Epoxy, Polysulphide And Urethane.

"Adhesives Line Chemicals, Technologie Adesive"

Production And Resale Of Adhesives And More.

"Al Nazeer Nippon Chemicals"

Manufacturers Of Elfy Super Glue, Adhesives, Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, Adhesive, Glues, Cyanoacrylate, Super Glue, Epoxy Steel, Epoxy, Sealant, Rust Remover, Antirust, Anti Rust, Rust, Varnish, Woodcare, Wood Protect, Super Glue Gel, Gel, Bonder, Metal

"Alpha Metals, Inc."

Solders, Solder Creams, Soldering Chemicals, Advanced Adhesives, And Instrumentation For The Electronics Industry

"American Chemical, Inc."

- Manufacturers Of Glue: Hot Melts, Cyanoacrylates, Epoxies, Urethanes, Silicones, Water-Based, Spray Adhesives. Also Degreasers And Lubricants.

"Associated Trading & Manufacturing Co."

Atamco - Manufacturers Of Powder Adhesives For Paper Converting Industries Like Corrugated Box, Paper Tube, Paper Cone, Gum Tape Mfg, Rondo Packaging Industry


- Specializes In Four Divisions: Tooling And Prototyping, Composites, Adhesives, And Dialectric Technologies.

"Bhopal Glues & Chemicals P. Ltd.,"

The Oldest Manufactures Of Glue & Gelatine In India ,Products Like Glue, Animal Glue, Hide Glue, Bone Glue, Safe Glue, Wood Glue, Technical Gelatine, Industrial Gelatine, Industrial Gelatine, Gelatine, Vermicompost, Vermiculture, Manure, Compost, Org

"Bhopal Glues Chemicals P. Ltd."

Bhopal Glues Is The Oldest Producer Of Glue And Gelatine In India. The Glue Is Environmentally Safe , 100% Bio- Degradable, Non-Flammable, Non-Toxic And Is Produced From Hide Cuttings Which Is A Renewable Source.

"Bostik, Inc.,"

Bostik Produces And Supplies Adhesives For Automotive And Aircraft Assembly, Flexible Laminating And Industrial Converting, As Well As Industrial And Product Assembly.

"Canadian Bearings Ltd."

Canadian Distributor Of Bearings, Power Transmission, Motion Control, Belting, Lubricants, Chemicals, Adhesives, Conveyor Components, And Allied Products

"Carolina Specialty Adhesives"

Carolina Specialty Adhesives Is The Leading 3m Distributor For Glue Adhesives And Other Chemicals.


Designs, Manufactures, Assembles And Sells All Complex Liquids Production Installations For Chemistry, Paint, Cosmetics, Glues, Lubricants, Paper, Industrial Cloth And Food Industries.

"Chase Corporation"

Manufacture Insulating And Semiconducting Electrical Cable Tape Wrappings And Filling Compounds, Anti-Corrosion Mastics, Adhesives, Reinforced Rubber And Asphalt Tapes And Bridge Deck Corrosion Barrier Membranes

"Chemdeals.Com, Inc"

Chemdeals.Com Is A Full-Service Trading Site For Surplus Inventories Of Industrial Chemicals. Items Traded Include Materials Used In The Adhesives, Paint Coatings, Rubber Plastics, And Fine Specialty Chemicals Industries

"Craft 2000, Inc."

A Leader In Manufacture, Import, Wholesales And Distribution Of Craft, Narrow Fabrics, And Party Favor Productions Inthe Creative Industry

"Craft2000 Inc."

As A Leader In Manufacture, Import, Wholesales And Distribution Of Craft, Narrow Fabrics

"Dexter Adhesive & Coating Systems"

Dexter Is A Manufacturer Of Hysol Adhesive Systems And Coating Systems Products For Aerospace, Industrial And Specialty Applications.

"Diversified Chemical Technologies, Inc."

Manufactures And Markets Specialty Chemical Products Such As Adhesives, Coats And Glues For The Aerospace, Automobile And Food Processing Industries

"Dussek Campbell Applied Wax Technologies"

Specialty Blender And Broker Of Petroleum Waxes For The Candle, Paperboard, Textiles, Construction, Adhesives And Pharmaceutical Industries

"Easy Fix Chemical Industry"

Manufacturer And Supplier Of Waterproofing Products, Joint Compound, Woodfill Products, Plaster Products, Adhesive, Bitumen Compound, Pvc Glue And Many Other Type Of Construction Chemicals

"Epoxies, Etc..."

Epoxies, Etc... Is A Leading Resin Formulator Of Epoxy, Urethane, And Silicone Systems And Also Manufacturer Fo Adhesives, Potting Compounds, And Coatings

"Epoxy Industries Pvt. Ltd."

Epoxy Industries Pvt. Ltd.Is The Manufacturers Of Super Glue, Epoxy Glue, Epoxy Adhesives And Pva Glue

"Epoxy Technology, Inc."

Engineered Epoxies And Adhesives For Semiconductors, Fiber Optics, And Microelectronics.

"Felpro Restech"

Information Source For Embedment (Encapsulation And Potting Compounds, Impregnating Varnishes) And Adhesives For Your Electronic And Electrical Devices

"Four Points"

Four Points - Complete Source For Smt Stencil Supplies. Aluminum Frames, Polyester Screen Mesh, Foil And Mesh Bonding Adhesives, Understencil Wiping Rolls, Stainless Steel Foil, Hot Plates, Heating Elements, Cleaning Chemicals, Squeegee

"Fusor Auto/Truck Body Repair Systems"

Chemical Adhesive For Auto/Truck Body Shop Professionals.Repairing A Quarter Panel, Mending A Hard-To-Repair Plastic Or Sealing A Seam


Mexican Group Of Companies That Produce A Variety Of Chemicals Products Like Synthetic Rubber, Black Carbon, Nutritional Additives,Adhesives, Polystyrene, Acrylic Sheets And Other Products

"Gold Reef Speciality Chemicals"

Supplying Speciality Chemicals To The Paint, Adhesive, Textile And Various Other Industries.

"H.B. Fuller Company"

- Manufacturer And Marketer Of Specialty Chemicals And Industrial Adhesives With Operations Worldwide.

"Hartwell International, Inc"

Hartwell International, Inc Is Wholesale Distributor Of Auto Accessories, Parts And Chemicals For Glues And More.

"Henkel Kgaa"

- Product Line: Oleochemicals, Adhesives, Metal Chemicals, Detergents/Household Cleansers, Cosmetics/Toiletries, Industrial And Institutional Hygiene

"Hm Royal, Inc. -"

Provides Sales, Service, And Technical Support To The Polymer Compounding Industry, Including Rubber, Plastics, Adhesive And Sealants, And Coatings

"Holdtite Adhesives Ltd -"

Holdtite Adhesives Ltd - Manufacturers Of Anaerobic, Cyanoacrylate, Uvcure And Structural Adhesives And Sealants. Also Makes Specialty Chemicals Such As Non-Corrosive Silicone And Lubricants.

"Hui-Sin Industrial Co., Ltd."

We Produce A Wide Choice Of Stationery Including Glue, Erasers, Blister-Card Packing, Epoxy Glue, Glue Stick, Starch Glue, Correction Pen, Correction Tape And Wood Glue. We Also Have Years Of Experience In Plastic

"Hwa Yin Enterprise Co.,Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Adhesive Resin, Glue, Bond, Primer, Synthetic Rubber Adhesive, Polyureyhane Adhesive, Natural, Fire-Proof Glue, Treating Agent Hardener, Chloroprene, Resin, Natural, Rubber, M.D.I, Polycaprolactone

"Interface Americas Re:Source Technologies"

Re:Source Technologies, Inc. Is The Carpet Adhesives And Cleaning Chemicals.

"Itw Plexus"

"Manufactures Adhesives For Structural Bonding Of Most Thermoplastics, Metals, And Composite Materials; Specializes In The Transportation, Marine, And Engineering Construction Industries."

"Kangnam Chemical Co., Ltd"

Product Line Includes Industrial Phenolic Resin For Shell Molds, Abrasives, Grinding, Adhesives, And More.

"Lepercq S.A."

"Adhesives And Sealants : Silicone, Acrylic, Neoprene, Polyurethane, Butyl, Polyoxypropylene. Single- And Double- Sided Tapes. Application &Amp; Dosing Equipment. Insulation Or Conduction Products"


Li-Bond Is A Pioneer & Leader In Chemical Fastening Systems For Bonding And Sealing, Producing Such High Performance Hot Melt Adhesives, Liquid Adhesives, Epoxy Adhesives & Sealants As To Be Serviceable For Industrial & Consumer Customers.

"Lintech International"

"Specializing In Coatings, Paint, Ink, Adhesive, Rubber, Textile, Cleaner/Soap, Plastic And Process Chemical Industries. Iso-9002 Certified; Member Nacd"

"Lleal Grup"

Lleal - Group Of Companies Involved In The Construction Of Process Equipment, Valves And Pumps For The Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Paint, Glue, Cosmetical And Food Industries.

"Loctite Corp -"

Worldwide Supplier Of Proprietary High Performance Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings And Specialty Brand Name Chemicals

"Management Recruiters Of Mcmurray, Inc"

Provides Employment For Chemists And Chemical Engineers In The Paint And Coatings, Inks, Adhesives, Plastics, Polymers, And Related Chemical Industries.

"Master Adhesives"

Maker Of Waterbased And Hot Melt Adhesives, Industrial Coatings, Purge Compounds And Filling Compounds For Fiber Optic Cable

"Michigan Toy Soldier And Figure Company"

We Gladly Accept Want Lists For Old Toy Soldiers And Currently Maintain An Extensive Data Base Of Items Our Customers Are Interested In And Looking For

"Midwest Fixture Group"

Midwest Fixture Group - Offers Machining And Custom Acrylic Fabrication, Including Retail Fixtures And Medical Products.

"Milligan & Higgins"

Continues Its Tradition Of Quality Products And Customer Service. Milligan & Higgins And Hudson Industries

"Morton International, Inc."

Specialty Chemicals, Such As Adhesives, Sealants, Dispersions, Dyes, Intermediates, Plastics And Colorants.

"National Hobby Company"

We Are Committed To Providing You With The Best The World Has To Offer In Hobbies And Interesting Products While Giving You Honest Value And Great Service With Knowledgeable Support.

"National Starch And Chemical Co"

Specializing In Polymer Technology. Products Include Adhesives, Resins, Emulsions, Specialty Polymers, And Food And Industrial Starches

"Neste Resins North America"

A Responsible World Class Developer And Manufacturer Of Adhesives And Resins

"Ningbo Soken Chemicals Co., Ltd"

Produces Excellent Adhesives With Internationally Advanced Equipment And Japan`S Sophisticated Technology To

"Nusil Technology"

- Manufacturers Standard And Custom Silicone Materials Such As Adhesives, Gels, Elastomers, Dispersions, Fluids, Coatings And Primers.

"Olin Performance Urethanes & Organics"

Suppliers Of Urethane And Organic Chemicals Used In Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants And Elastomers As Well As Coolants And Solvents For Glycols And Glycol Ethers.

"On-Hand Adhesives, Inc."

"On-Hand - Sells Industrial Adhesives Such As Epoxies, Hot Melts, Polyurethanes, Methacrylates And Cyanoacrylates; Also Sells Adhesive Dispensing Systems."

"Orgavyl Chemical Industries Berhad"

Manufacturing A Variety Of Adhesives, Sealants, Epoxies, And Caulks For Industrial Applications And Do-It-Yourself Products.


Permabond - Manufactures Cyanoacrylates, Anaerobic And Uv Curing Adhesives, Toughened Epoxies, And Structural Acrylics.


Produces Polyethylene Waxes For Uses In Many Industries Including Hot Melt Adhesives, Fruit Coating, Printing Inks, Cable Filling, Textiles, And More.

"Pidilite Industries Ltd."

Manufacturing Adhesives, Industrial Resins, Pigments, Surfactants, Organic Intermediates, Petrochemicals And Computer Software

"Plastics And Chemicals Industries Association Inc"

Represents Manufacturers, Importers, And Distributors Of Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Adhesives, Sealants, And Plastics

"Plastics And Chemicals Industries Association Inc."

Represents Manufacturers, Importers, And Distributors Of Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Adhesives, Sealants, And Plastics

"Power Adhesives Limited"

Hotmelt Glue Guns And Adhesives From Tecbond. Adhesives For Glueguns, Hotmelts For Glueguns, Gluesticks For Applicators.

"Prca -"

Chemical Research & Development For Custom Formulation Of Coatings, Additives And Adhesives For Metals, Plastics, Runner, Textiles, Glass, Etc.

"Reichhold Chemicals"

A Leading Manufacturer Of Polyester Resins, Adhesives, Latex Emulsions, And Coating Resins.

"Remco Bolts"

Manufactures Foundation Anchor Bolts And Threaded Rods. Also Sells Other Fasteners, Adhesives, Tools, And Chemicals

"Republic Chemical Industries"

Makes And Distributes Industrial And Household Adhesives, Sealants, Epoxies, Specialty Coatings, Insulation, Packaging And Other Products

"Resinas Sinteticas"

Resins For The Adhesives, Beverages, Chewing Gum, Rubber, Ink And Paper Industries

"Resinous Chemicals Corp. Ltd."

Serafon Resinous Chemicals Emulsions Adhesives Sealants Glues Specializing In The R&D, Manufacture, Marketing And Technical Support Of Polymerized Emulsions And Adhesives.

"Revertex Finewaters Sdn Bhd"

Revertex Finewaters Sdn. Bhd. - Manufactures Industrial Adhesives, Including Starch, Dextrin, Latex, Casein, Pva, Eva, And Hot Melt.

"rhodia silicones"

Rhodia Silicones - Manufactures Silicone Products including resins, emulsions, elastomers, gums, sealants for the construction, textile, adhesive and paper industries

"Rohm America Inc"

Provides Methacrylic Monomers And Polymers For Pharmaceutical Coatings, Adhesives, And Other Items.

"Roo Products, Inc."

Roo Products Is A Subsidiary Of Specialty Polymers, A Major Manufacturer Of Base Polymers Utilized In The Paint, Coatings And Adhesives Industries

"Saf-T-Lok International Corp."

Saf-T-Lok International Corp. Is The U.S. Manufacturer Of Anaerobic Adhesives And Sealants, Cyanoacrylates Instant Glue, Anti-Seize And Lubricants

"Sartomer Company, Inc."

Manufacturing And Marketing Specialty Chemicals, Including Monomers, Oligomers, Uv Photoinitiators, Hydrocarbon Resins And Pigments. Markets Include Coatings, Inks, Adhesives, Intermediates And Rubber.


Specializing In The R&D, Manufacture, Marketing And Technical Support Of Polymerized Emulsions And Adhesives


"Manufacturer Of Construction Chemicals Such As Concrete And Mortar Admixtures, Sealants, Paints And Coatings; Also Makes Industrial Sealants And Adhesives"

"Sika Canada Inc."

Manufacturing Construction Chemicals And Industrial Adhesives And Sealants

"Silicone Release Films Limited"

Silicone Release Films Limited - Producer Of Silicone Release Coated Films And Related Self Adhesive Products.

"Sivento, Inc."

Producer Of Organofunctional Silanes And Silicones Used In Advanced Composites, Adhesives, Sealants, And Pharmaceuticals Chemical Processing As Well Masonry Water Repellents And Industrial Floor Coatings

"Slocum Adhesives Corporation"

Slocum Adhesives Has Been A Leader In Adhesive Manufacturing.

"Sony Chemicals Corporation"

Chemical And Electronics Technology With A Product Line Including Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Adhesives And Specialty Coatings And Magnetic Media

"Sovereign Chemical Industries"

Sovereign Is The Respected Name In The Field Of Chemical Products For The Building And Construction Industry

"Sovereign Chemical Industries, Ltd."

Producers Of Wood Preserving, Damp Proofing, Wood Staining And Injection Fluid Chemicals. Also Sealants, Adhesives, And Timber Treatment.

"Stained Glass"

Provides Stained Glass Chemicals And Chipping Glue,Glue Chip, Hide Glue, Chipping Glue, 3m, Buttercut, Butter Cut, Resist, Sandblasting, Acid Etching, Bottle Cutters, Copper Foil, Suppliers, Art, Free Patterns, Tiffany, Satined, Artglass, Churches,

"Strategic Reports, Inc."

- Focusing On The Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemical, Adhesive, And Imaging Industries

"Sur-Lok Adhesives"

Manufacturer Of Anaerobic And Cyanoacrylate Adhesives: Threadlocker - Retainer - Sealant - Super Glue.

"Sureloc Adhesives, Ltd."

Offers High Tech Adhesives Including Cyanoacrylates, Super Glues, Anaerobic Adhesive, Stud Lockers, Thread Locker, Uv Adhesives And Structural Adhesives.

"Surface Coatings Association Australia Inc"

Developing The Science, Technology And Management Of The Coatings Industry - Paints, Printing Inks, Adhesives And Cosmetics

"Tartan Color And Chemical, Inc."

Provides Chemicals To Graphic Arts, Plastics, Rubber, Adhesives, And Other Industries.

"Technical Assistance for Formulators and Applicators"

SpecialChem is offering online free access to technical information and technical service for the adhesives and sealants industry with a complete range of free services: a comprehensive technical library, a database including additives, tackifiers and resins, rapid technical assistance...

"Ten Ko Chemical & Plastics Co., Ltd."

Ten Ko Chemical & Plastics Co., Ltd. Is A Professional Factory For Cyanoacrylate Adhesive,Super Glue,Hot Melt Adhesives,Epoxy Resins ,Hardeners ,Floor Coatings In Taiwan

"The Bhavani Group"

Manufacturing Labelling, Sticker, Wet Glue, Self-Adhesive, Pressure Sensitive, Labeler, Washing, Filling, Stoppering, Capping Machinery. (India)

"The Gluefast Company, Inc."

The Gluefast Company, Inc. Is The Producer Of Glues, Adhesive Applicators, Hot Melt Roll Coaters And Much More.

"The P.D. George Company"

P.D. George Company Is The Supplier Of Specialty Polymers, Varnishes, Adhesives, And Resins For Application In The Electronic Industries.

"Tianjin Organic Chemical Industry Corp."

Leading Chemical Product Manufacturer And Exporter In China. Product Range Includes Automobiles Chemical, Biomedical Materials, Additives, Adhesives, Azoic Dyes, Food Dyes, Mordant Dyes And Acid Dyes.

"Tridak Materials Dispensers"

Standard And Custom Equipment For Dispensing Any Kind Of Material, Chemical, Adhesive, Solvent, Lubricant Or Lab Liquid

"Ucb Chemicals"

Ucb Is A Specialist Supplier Of A Comprehensive Range Of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives.

"Uniroyal Chemical Corporation"

Specialty Chemicals And Polymers, Including Rubber Processing, Plastics, Crop Protection, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Adhesives/Sealants, And Paints/Coatings

"Unu Chemical Co., Ltd."

Specialising In Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Which Are Known As Instant Super Glue For Artifical Nailing, Hobby Market Like Diy, And Other Uses

"Velsicol Chemical Corporation"

Manufacturing Products For The Adhesives, Sealant, Coating, Flame Retardant And Agricultural Pesticide Markets

"Via-Chem Inc."

Via Chem Inc. Supplier Of Industrial Adhesives, Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, And Other Industrial Glue Products

"Viking Industrial Products Uk, Ltd."

Uk Supplier Of Industrial Products: Packaging Materials, Tapes, Adhesives, Abrasives, Tape Dispensers, Health And Safety, 3m Products


Chemical And Auxiliary Products For Leather And Shoes (Glue, Adhesive, Shoe Polish, Patent Leather, Dye, Auxiliary Products, Socks

"Wm Canning Ltd."

"Subsidiary Of W. Canning; Sells And Produces Synthetic Fluids, Sealants And Adhesives, Additives For Fuel Water And Waste, And Surface Finishing Products"

"Wood Floor Adhesives"

We Are The Leading German Producer Of Wood Floor Adhesives. Glues And Adhesives Have Been Manufactured Since 1828, Wood Floor Adhesives Since 1952

"Yi Hsin Lung Co., Ltd."

We Excel In Various Glues Such As Super Glues, Threadlockers, Clear Glues, Ab Glues, And Industrial Super Glues

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